Two Giants rip Herremans for 'dirty' plays

Giants DT Chris Canty (99) recently ripped Todd Herremans (77) on what Canty called a "dirty play." (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Add another element to the Eagles-Giants rivalry ...

Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty and offensive lineman David Diehl ripped Eagles guard Todd Herremans for the two plays on which Herremans was penalized during Sunday night's game. Both termed the two hits "dirty."

“Two of them. Same guy,” Canty told the Newark Star-Ledger. “When you talk about players doing that to one another ... playing hard, playing between the whistles is one thing. But that was a dirty play. I think we all can agree on that.”

Herremans was called for tripping on the first one, although it looked more like a clip when he dove at Canty's legs from behind. The second was called a chop block because Canty was engaged with center Mike McGlynn. Herremans could face a fine, when the league issues its weekly penalties Friday.

“In a league where we’re trying to crack down on defenseless players and things of that nature, that can’t be allowed,” Canty said. You’re talking about defensive players taking shots on quarterbacks and wide receivers, well the league has to protect defensive players as well.

“That kind of behavior, it’s either taught or it’s allowed. Either way, it has no place in our game.”

Diehl, watching the game on TV, because he was injured, also was not happy with the plays.

“I don’t play that way. I never have,” Diehl said. “There’s a difference between cutting somebody and cutting somebody from behind late like that and going after somebody’s legs. I think it was a dirty shot. If you’re out in the open and cut somebody from the front, that’s legal, when you see them coming. But when their back’s to you, we all know that’s blatant.”

As for what this all means for the next time the two teams play, Dec. 19, at the Meadowlands ...

“We all reap what we sow,” Canty said. “We all reap what we sow.”


Here is a stat to keep in mind heading into this weekend's game against Chicago: The Bears have only allowed six touchdown passes all season.

"The key is to not let anything behind us," safety Chris Harris told the Chicago Tribune. "The key is linebackers making sure they're getting their depth to get up under those routes and the safeties putting the roof over the top.

"We definitely have to be aware of those receivers, especially Jackson because he's one of the fastest in the league. And we definitely have to stay deep; deeper than we have in previous games. We have to be deep and not bite on any pump fakes or anything of that nature as Vick gets to scrambling."





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