Today's Birds buzz: Bradley, Brian Kelly

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly talks to the media August 3, 2012 in South Bend, Ind. (AP Photo/Joe Raymond)

The Eagles are to meet with Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley today, a league source confirmed, in the Atlanta area, where the Seahawks are preparing for tomorrow's playoff game against the Falcons. Several reports indicate the promised second meeting between the Birds' brass and Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly also will happen in the next day or so, now that Kelly has returned from his vacation.

This could bring us much closer to resolving the drama over the picking of a successor to Andy Reid, or not. Even if the Eagles' traveling party is blown away by Bradley, if the Seahawks keep winning, he can't be hired until their season concludes. And when the Birds talked to Brian Kelly last week, the immediate reaction from people who have covered the Notre Dame coach was that he was looking for a raise from the Irish, using NFL interest as leverage, much as Oregon coach Chip Kelly and Penn State coach Bill O'Brien are believed to have done.

The fact of a second meeting with Kelly -- which was supposed to happen all along -- doesn't mean all that much, in and of itself. But when you put it together with team chairman Jeffrey Lurie's obvious enthrallment with innovative college coaches during this process, and with the fact that Brian Kelly seems to be the last of those guys on the list, the second meeting might take on more weight.

In the meantime, another guy the Eagles have talked to, Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, is facing the Baltimore Ravens today. McCoy, 40, also is young and innovative. His interview with the Eagles last week wasn't a marathon like the ones the search party has conducted with college coaches, but unlike the college coaches, McCoy is very busy right now, trying to get to the Super Bowl. He said going into the process he was going to allot two days last week to NFL interviews, and because several teams wanted to talk, he wasn't going to do any all-nighters.

So, the process lurches along.