Today at Combine: Howie Roseman

INDIANAPOLIS -- A "combine" is a machine that both gathers and threshes grain.

Seems about right to me.

Not much has happened so far on a warm, gray morning in Indy. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is scheduled to ascend the podium this afternoon at 2:30 for a media session. An hour later, Colts GM and former Eagles personnel VP Ryan Grigson will talk to reporters. None of the position groupings coming in for interviews today will be very exciting for Eagles fans -- offensive linemen, tight ends, kickers, punters, longsnappers. (Has anybody ever actually drafted a longsnapper? And what kind of predraft questions do you ask of one? "So, what was your most memorable snap?" "Does the blood ever rush to your head and make you dizzy?")

Haven't seen any Eagles people yet, except for video director Tom Dougherty. At the Philly airport yesterday, I apparently arrived not too long after Andy Reid. TSA guy reported that the coach "didn't look good. Kinda pale and sweaty."

San Francisco GM Trent Baalke talked today about what the combine is for -- to him, maybe getting a lead on a guy who turns out to be an overlooked gem. "That's why we're all here," Baalke said. "To find that nugget that will lead us to one of those guys."

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments.