New Orleans party ideas for Eagles fans

Classic sazerac cocktail on wooden table
A sazerac cocktail. (Istockphoto)

The New Orleans Saints are bringing their 3-5 road record to Philly.

To mark the occasion, we’ve created a menu of three cocktails and five recipes for the perfect Game Day party: New Orleans-flavored with a touch of winning Philly flair.

Southern Creole Fried Catfish – Word has it (according to the Eagles’ media guide) that Eagles QB Nick Foles’ favorite food is fried catfish. Season it up Creole style, and serve it alongside a scoop of fresh coleslaw. Foles would be proud of this recipe via The Kitchn.

Po’ Brees Boy – Poor Drew Brees. He’s going to be cold on Saturday. Oh, well. For Eagles’ fans, that idea plus a warm, homemade po’ boy will make for one tasty combination. Traditional po’ boys come packed with either roast beef or some version of fried seafood. Ditch the hoagies this time around and give Bon Appetit’s Shrimp Po’ Boy a try, or opt for a Philly spin with Emril Lagasse’s cheesesteak version.

Cajun Chicken Wings – Let the Eagles do the flying, while the Saints bring the seasoning to your wings. We all know chickens can’t fly far, so we’ll save the New Orleans strength for the dinner table, and leave the on-field magic up to the real birds. Serious Eats has the game day recipe for you.

Green Gumbo – On Good Friday, it’s NOLA tradition to add a touch of Eagles’ energy to the gumbo pot by throwing in some green. Various leafy vegetables, such as kale and collards, replace the meat to honor the Catholic holiday. Since it's Game Day, not Good Friday, here’s a recipe from Food and Wine packed with eight kinds of green spirit, and plenty of meat, too. Saveur brings us a meat-free version of this hearty dish here.

Red Velvet Beignet with Philly Cream Cheese Frosting - YOLO NOLA. It’s only once in a few years you get to watch the Eagles take on the Saints in the playoffs. Live a little and fully indulge in the game with a batch of beignets, a classic fried dough dessert originally brought to Louisiana by French colonists in the 18th century. Check out this recipe courtesy of Café Too.

As for drinks 

Hurricane – We have no Philly twist to bring to this French Quarter-born recipe - although we do expect to see the Eagles make it rain on the field this Saturday. On that account, grab some rum and some juice, and pour up this sweet, fruity drink. Here’s the recipe from the brand behind the man who invented the Hurricane back in the 1940s.

Sazerac – The city that loves to party proclaimed Sazerac as its official cocktail back in 2008. The mix of rye whiskey, bitters and absinthe originated in the bayou and remains a popular drink in the area today. After the Eagles Sazerac up some points against the Saints, celebrate with the cocktail in your own city. Esquire shares how to whip one up, noting that an Old Fashioned glass is a mandatory part of the ritual.

Ramos Gin Fizz – A proper Ramos Gin Fizz calls for 12 minutes of vigorous shaking. Let the Saints battle the cold while you curl up inside and build some heat in crafting this citrusy, gin-based cocktail. Imbibe offers up a recipe to make your own.