The Eagles' Long Game

Andy Reid was hired by the Eagles 25 days after Ray Rhodes was ousted. (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

Just how long does it take to hire an NFL head coach? Well, if your the Kansas City Chiefs, it takes exactly eight days. For your Eagles, it usually takes a little longer.

For the second consecutive season, the Chiefs hired a new head coach exactly one week and one day following the end of their season. They also hired one both times whose previous team was not involved in the postseason.

By contrast, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took 26 days to hire a head coach last January.

The Birds, in reverse chronological order, have taken 25, 38, 0, 44 and 0 days to hire coaches. (The two "zeros," so to speak, were Rich Kotite and Marion Campbell.)

Oh, and "Happy 30th Burnout Anniversary, Dick Vermeil," who surprisingly stepped down as Eagles head coach on Jan. 10, 1983.

By the way, if you want to grab a NFL head coaching job out of the college ranks these days, we suggest you win the Pinstripes Bowl, as Doug Marrone (2010 and 2012) and Greg Schiano (2011) have done in its three years of existance.

Below are the off-season NFL head coaching hires for last year and so far this year.

And below that are the dates of the Eagles last five head coach hires in relation to the end of the previous head man's reign.

    2012  Team  New Coach  Former Team  Pos.  Prev. Season Ended
 Jan. 9 (8)  Chiefs  Romeo Crennel  Chiefs  Def. Coor.  Jan. 1 (Week 17)
 Jan. 11 (10)  Jaguars  Mike Mularkey  Falcons  Def. Coor.  Jan. 8 (Wild Card)
 Jan. 17 (16)  Rams  Jeff Fisher  —  —  —
 Jan. 20 (19)  Dolphins  Joe Philbin  Packers  Off. Coor.  Jan. 15 (Divisional)
 Jan. 24 (23)  Raiders  Dennis Allen  Broncos  Def. Coor.  Jan. 14 (Divisional)
 Jan. 26 (25)  Colts  Chuck Pagano  Ravens  Def. Coor.  Jan. 22 (AFC Title)
 Jan. 27 (26)  Bucs  Greg Sciano  Rutgers  Head Coach  Dec. 30 (Bowl)
 Jan. 7 (8)  Chiefs  Andy Reid  Eagles  Head Coach  Dec. 30 (Week 17)
 Jan. 7 (8)  Bills  Doug Marrone  Syracuse  Head Coach  Dec. 29 (Bowl)


 Ray Rhodes  Dec. 17, 1998  Andy Reid  Jan. 11, 1999      25
 Rich Kotite  Dec. 26, 1994  Ray Rhodes  Feb. 2,1995    38
 Buddy Ryan  Jan. 8, 1991  Rich Kotite  Jan. 8, 1991      0
 Marion Campbell    Dec. 16, 1985    Buddy Ryan  Jan. 29, 1986    44
 Dick Vermeil  Jan. 10, 1983  Marion Campbell    Jan. 10, 1983      0