Still Donovan's Team

Eagles head coach Andy Reid talks with quarterback Donovan McNabb in the second half against the Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles won, 48-20. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

None of us is guaranteed a future, as Donovan McNabb is well aware. No one should pretend about that, and no one is. Next year is out of the quarterback’s control. The decisions there will be made well above McNabb’s pay grade, if they haven’t been made already.

The quarterback can only be about now.

And, now, this remains McNabb’s team.

If there is a message in the madness that was Eagles 48, Cardinals 20, that was it. If there was a lesson to be learned during a Thanksgiving night massacre at Lincoln Financial Field – an outcome that no sane person predicted – that was it.

They are tied together, this team and this quarterback. Their fates are linked in 2008 and there is no way to disengage them. And for everyone who figured they would see backup quarterback Kevin Kolb before the end of last night, well, you were right. Except that Kolb was only playing in 4 minutes of lopsided mop-up time at the end.

If you want to give Andy Reid credit for jump-starting McNabb by benching him at halftime last week in Baltimore, go ahead. But it is just as easy to make the argument that McNabb was the one who jump-started McNabb. Feel free to argue. There is no right answer.

Just know this: McNabb finished last night with these numbers: 27-for-39 for 260 yards and four touchdowns. His quarterback rating was 121.7. His performance propped up a listing team – the Eagles’ record is now 6-5-1. His game, his day, gave them another game, another day.