Scouts' Take: Eagles' offensive line

Todd Herremans' move to right tackle could be a challenge. (Ed Hille/Staff Photographer)

As the countdown to the season opener continues, the Daily News had two NFL scouts break down the Eagles by position. Each scout was provided anonymity to allow them to speak freely.

Over the next few days here on Eagletarian, we will provide the "Scouts' Take," with the full rundown appearing in Thursday's special Daily News preview section.

Here is what the scouts had to say about the offensive line:

Scout 1: "I have a huge amount of trust in Howard Mudd. But that line is a work in progress. Early in the season, they’ve got to be extremely careful about how they expose Vick to pressure. There’s going to be some confusion up front. You’ve got a couple of rookies. You’ve got a position change. You’ve got all kinds of things going on up front. I would try to keep it simple early if I was (Andy) Reid, and try to have a good balance. Run the ball. Play-action. The second half of the season, this line is going to be much better than it will be in the first half.’’

Scout 2: "It’s going to be a challenge early on. These guys are going to be learning the game as they’re trying to win games. That’s hard. You’re developing two rookies in there (RG Danny Watkins, C Jason Kelce). I don’t care what kind of promise they have, that’s hard. Especially when they’re lining up next to each other. (Todd) Herremans is a veteran. But just because you can play on the left side doesn’t automatically mean you can move over to the right side without any problems. It’s going to be backwards for him. (LG Evan) Mathis didn’t start a game last year. It’s an awfully rusty group to start the season, especially with two dome games right out of the box. I could see a lot of breakdowns.’’


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