Riley Cooper, Bennie Logan, Jeff Maehl return to practice

Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles returned to practice on Sunday for the first time since Friday's preseason loss to the Chicago Bears with an open practice at Franklin Field.

Three injured  players -- wide receiver Riley Cooper, wide receiver Jeff Maehl, and defensive line Bennie Logan -- returned to the practice field after missing Friday's game. Kelly said there were no major injuries on Friday. Running back Matthew Tucker and linebacker Casey Matthews left the field, but neither injury is considered serious.

**Kelly said on one of Nick Foles' interceptions, he should have just thrown the ball away. On the second away, he was pushed off his spot. 

 "Sometimes you don’t have to complete every pass," Kelly said. "An incompletion is better than an interception. Those are lessons that he’ll learn from. That’s the one thing about nick, when he puts in a situation where he makes mistake, he usually doesn’t make the same mistake again."

**Kelly was still miffed by the penalties in Friday's game, and that was his takeaway from the first-team offensive line. Evan Mathis was twice charged with holding, and Jason Peters also was flagged.

**Kelly praised the pass rush of Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry after sounding lukewarm about them after the game. He also liked the way Beau Allen and Brandon Bair played. Kelly liked Zach Ertz in the passing game, but said Ertz still needs to work on blocking.

**The Eagles are spending Sunday and Monday working on corrections from the Bears game. They'll have a walk-through on Monday before traveling to New England to practice against the Patriots. Kelly said Tuesday and Wednesday will both be physical practices.

"Obviously, two days ago was a game, and that’s why we’re not full pads today," Kelly said. "There’s a lot of corrections to be made from the game against the Bears, and that’s what we’ll try to accomplish the next two days."

**Kelly has been to Franklin Field for the Penn Relays and when he coached the freshman team at Columbia, but he liked the idea of the open practice there so the team can understand the franchise's history.

"The turnout you have here is awesome, get a chance to play in front of the fans," Kelly said. "To play in a special place like this, it’s neat for [the players] to understand the history."