Richie Incognito (jokingly) agrees to help haze Matt Barkley

Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley and Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito. (Staff/AP Photos)

Matt Barkley was a bit surprised to see this on his Twitter feed today.

Granted, that's not the real Nick Foles, and "jkjk" is internet lingo for "I was just joking around, friend, as that request would be highly inappropriate, given the circumstances of my recent past in which I was suspended by the Dolphins for exactly the kind of thing you are asking me to do."

Incognito's suspension has been lifted, and his texts with the victim of his alleged bullying, Jonathan Martin, seem to indicate their relationship was less hostile than initially described by Martin. But who knows.

Now we know who to turn to in case Barkley is in need of a little extra motivation come training camp; which will probably happen, as Barkley, a fan of such illicit activities as "golf" and "Super Bowl commercials," has all the makings of a guy with a real 'tude.


Richie Incognito: Hazer for Hire.

Coming to Showtime this August.