Richard Sherman backs DeSean Jackson via Twitter

DeSean Jackson and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. (Matt Rourke/AP) (John Froschauer/AP)

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman may have to lineup across from DeSean Jackson on the field, but he stood firmly by his side Saturday via Twitter.

The embattled Seahawks corner tweeted out a photo Saturday of him and Jackson from way back in 1999, when the two played on the same Little League baseball team in California.

Along with the picture, Sherman said, “No one should be judged by the actions of others! #fam.”

Jackson was released by the Eagles Friday amid reports that he has ties to gangs to which Jackson vehemently denies.

Sherman has had his share problems with how he is perceived by the viewing public after a boisterous on-field interview following NFC Championship Game, which led to many in the court of public opinion labeling him a thug.

Sherman wasn't the only California native to back Jackson. Veteran rapper Warren G, who grew up in the same part of Long Beach, Calif. that Jackson did, said in an interview with TMZ that all of talk of Jackson being connected to gangs was bogus.