Reid lauds Vick, but Kolb expected to return

Andy Reid says Michael Vick will not start next week even though he led the Eagles to a 35-32 win. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

The two-part question was posted to Andy Reid in his postgame press conference – were Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley cleared following their concussions and will Kolb start next week against Jacksonville?

“Both guys have been cleared,” Reid said. “And yes.”

But as for today, the reason the Eagles won was largely the performance of quarterback Michael Vick, who finished with 321 total yards.

“I think he did a super job in there,” Reid said. “I thought he was poised and moved around when he needed to move around, and he stayed in the pocket when he needed to. They threw a lot of things at him. I’m real proud of him.”

Vick started for the first time since the 2006 season in a game against the Eagles.

“I saw some good things and I saw some things we have to work on,” Reid said. “All and all, I’m proud of the kid and getting in and doing the things he’s done. He was like a kid in the candy store before the game. He was so excited to get out there … There was a sparkle in his eyes.”

Vick was sacked six times in the victory.

“They blitzed and did that a lot,” Reid said. “A few times they went zero blitz. There were too many guys to block there. There were other times we had some breakdowns. That’s a matter of guys playing and getting the reps. Every game helps you get a better offensive line there.”

As he likely returns to the bench, Vick will have a larger role than he did last year, even with Kolb as the starter. Some of that was evident in the first quarter of last week’s loss to Green Bay.

“We’ve incorporated him in there a bit more than we did last year,” Reid said “He’ll have opportunities to still make plays.”

Left tackle Jason Peters tweaked his ankle and knee, but returned to the game.

“I’m proud of the kids for getting up and getting back in and shaking it off the way he did,” Reid said. “It might have affected him a bit today, but he did some good things.”

Rookie Brandon Graham, in his return home, got his first career sack, but left the game with a shoulder injury. X-rays were negative.

Overall, Reid said, “Every win is a great win in the National Football League. We’re not graded on how pretty they look. That win down the stretch didn’t look too pretty. There were some good things that I saw, both LeSean and DeSean made some big plays, Michael made some big plays. Defensively, we had the turnovers. You have to have those. Plenty of those we can work on. Kickoff coverage unit was better.”