Reid defends handling of concussions

Andy Reid reinforced his support for the trainers and the way the Eagles handled the concussions. (Michael S. Wirtz / Staff Photographer)

Andy Reid reinforced his support for head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder and the way the Eagles handled the concussions suffered by Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley in Sunday's loss to Green Bay. Asked if reporters could speak with Burkholder, to clarify questions arising from the fact that Kolb and Bradley both returned to the game after suffering their injuries, Reid said he would not make Burkholder available. "I gave you everything that needed to be done," Reid said.

Kolb was initially diagnosed with a jaw injury, after being driven into the turf by Clay Matthews, and the Eagles said he would return to the game. Bradley was down after his head collided with Ernie Sims’ leg. He got up and then tumbled over. Bradley left briefly, then returned to the game.

“We stuck to the criteria there and then followed up on it,” Reid said. “That’s the most important thing. We didn’t stick [Bradley] out there without following the protocol and we stayed on top of it and made the decision to take them out when symptoms were there.”

As for the evaluation after Bradley came off the field the first time, Reid said, “When he came off the field and went through the protocol and the testing, he was clear-minded and was able to pass through them.”

Reid said he did not see Bradley stagger live, but saw it on the replay. He said he talked to Bradley after the game and he was “as clear-minded as can be and relayed that to me.”

Asked if Bradley hadn't shown disorientation -- one of the NFL's concussion criteria -- on the field, Reid referred again to the concussion protocols administered on the sideline. He did not answer the original question.

As for the medical staff, Reid said, “Nobody does it better than what Rick does and our docs. The important thing is we took care of them and got them out of there.”

He later said, “The [medical staff] goes to the extreme to make sure they follow the medical protocols that are set for anything. It was no different for this situation.”

Reid said Kolb and Bradley were at the Eagles' facility this morning and were evaluated. They were then sent home and did not watch film with their teammates. Reid said, "They didn't feel great."

Reid said Kolb and Bradley will again be evaluated three days after the concussion (Wednesday) and then visit a Center City specialist Dr. William Welsh at five days (Friday). The doctor will then provide the team an evaluation. Once a player has been deemed out with a concussion, the NFL guidelines call for an independent evaluation.

“You’ve got to go through this protocol,” Reid said. “I can’t tell you [whether they will play this week]. We have to go through and do exactly what the protocol calls for. I don’t want to do anything that puts these guys at risk. That’s not what we’re here to do. That’s very important for all of us to do."


In other injury news, center Jamaal Jackson tore his triceps -- not his biceps, as the Eagles said Sunday -- and will have surgery tomorrow. That is expected to end his season. Reid said he was looking at options on the roster.

Leonard Weaver has a very severe ACL tear. See our separate post, with quotes from Weaver. No date for surgery has been set.

“That wasn’t a pretty picture from an ACL standpoint,” Reid said. “It’s severe. They won’t know about further damage, if any, until they get in there.”

In other injuries, Antwan Barnes has a wrist strain, Mike Bell has a toe strain, Brodrick Bunkley has an ankle sprain, Todd Herremans has an ankle sprain, Trevor Laws and has an oblique strain and Jason Peters has a knee sprain.


Reid confirmed that Jason Davis was in for a workout today, along with ex-Seahawk Owen Schmitt. Davis, a former Eagles, tweeted this morning about his visit, as we told you on Eagletarian.


Reid again said, “Kevin Kolb is the No. 1 quarterback.”

As for Michael Vick, who seemingly will likely start against Detroit, Reid said, “He did some good things. I think if you ask him, there were a couple of throws there he would like to have back. I don’t want to take anything away from him. He did a heck of a job. There is a chance this week he will be called on to be the starter. He just needs to be build on what he started this week. He’s watched the tape and he’s evaluated his play. He knows the things he can get btter at.”

Vick's postgame comment that raised eyebrows -- he said he thought the Eagles could have won had he been out there for four quarters -- was not meant to slight Kolb, Reid said. Instead, it was Vick expressing disappointment that time ran out on the Eagles as they were making a comeback, Reid said.


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