Reid: Vick has rib cartilage injury, no broken bones

Running back LeSean McCoy cracked a rib in the second quarter yesterday but played the rest of the game. (Clem Murray / Staff Photographer)

Michael Vick has a rib cartilage injury between his second and third rib and his status this week is uncertain. LeSean McCoy broke a rib and may also be unavailable.

On Vick, Reid said, "The cartilage looks like it's cracked there a little bit." He said the bones were not broken.

Vick was sore today, Reid said, and is going to be "day to day, week to week."

"If he is as sore as he is today," then Kevin Kolb will be with the first team for Wednesday's practice, Reid said.


Which injury had you most concerned on Sunday?

"We'll see how (Vick) feels and how he does along the way," Reid said.

Reid said Kolb "did some good things and has some things he has to work on."

McCoy cracked a rib in the second quarter, Reid said. The running back played the rest of the game, and Reid said it is possible he could play Sunday.

"It's really a comfort thing and they're doing a couple other tests on him," Reid said.

He said the team is fortunate to have Mike Bell as a back up, though Bell has made little impact in his few appearances so far this season.

Reid continued to take the blame for the delay of game penalty at the end of the first half, though he also implied that he was unhappy with the referees.

"It’s completely my responsibility there," Reid said to open his press conference. But later, when asked what he might have done differently, he said, "I would love to tell you everything, but I'm not going to do that, that would be an expensive answer."

He added, "I'm taking it as my fault."

Reid also took the blame for his team's penalties -- roughly 80 yards per game, including several costly ones Sunday.

"I take a lot of pride in having a disciplined, hard nosed football team and eight penalties for 80 yards is obviously too much," Reid said.

Asked specifically about $60 million signing Jason Peters, who now has five penalties after adding two Sunday, Reid deflected a question about being disappointed.

"He's working his tail off, that's the first thing. These aren't penalties that are loafing penalties or he's s not moving his feet, or he's tired, that's not what these are," Reid said. He later added, "If he weren't trying hard and didn't have the effort there might be disappointment there."