Reid: 'They Outplayed Us in Every Phase'

Andy Reid was not in the mood for many questions today, making a quick statement and then heading out of his press conference with an "Ok, we're done here" following the Eagles' 13-9 loss to the lowly Raiders.

"The Raiders outcoached us and they outplayed us in every phase of the game," Reid said. "They did a heck of a job and we didn't."

And, "They blocked better, they tackled better, they blitzed better, they did it all. No. 1, they coached better. Tom did a heck of a job, getting his team ready to play. We all had a piece, starting with me. We all did not do a good enough job."

And, "They were a better football team than us today."

Offensively, the Eagles were wildly skewed to the pass with 46 pass attempts and 14 rushes.

Left tackle Jason Peters went out early with a sprained knee and will have an MRI tomorrow. King Dunlap replaced him, meaning Jamal Jackson was the only one of the projected starters from training camp in the game.

Linebacker Omar Gaither had a sprained foot and Victor Abiamiri had a sprained knee. Both will have MRIs.