Reid: Not worrying about job status

After a disappointing showing Thursday night in Seattle, some Eagles fans are calling for Andy Reid's dismissal. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

With his team at 4-8, coach Andy Reid said questions about his job status are "logical questions" but that he was not worrying about that.

"As a coach, you don’t do that," he said at his day-after news conference. "I’m being as honest as I can with you. I don’t worry about that. I worry about getting better, and that’s where I put all of my energy in. That’s what I can control and become a better football coach, and make my assistants better while at the same time, make my players better.”

As he was after last night's game, Reid was asked about the focus of his team, especially as the season has slipped away.

"The focus is there," Reid said. "I think when you are losing, you almost push too hard in certain situations. You get into the what-ifs. You have to really fight that as opposed to where it just flows like it has before and in the games that we've had success."

He was asked what he tells the players now, especially as some of them could be playing for jobs next season.

"I'm honest with them," he said. "I make sure that I am shooting their way straight, including myself. I'm very real with the players. I've got a good locker room where they will work hard. What do you do now? You just continue to try to get better. That's the approach now. This is all of your business so we can all get better at it."

Obviously, the expectations have not met the reality for this team.

"I said this during training camp, there is a difference between expectations and reality," he said. "The reality is that every year you have to come together as a football team, coaches and players all working together and pulling the rope in the tug of war in the same direction. So, I think we’re all searching. The players, these guys want to win as professional athletes. They want to win and be successful. Coaches want to win and be successful. Everybody is looking for that answer right now, and you’re going to get a variety of answers from different individuals and I’m not worried about that. What I am worried about is what do we need to do to get better and get those answers out there, then work on those in practice.”

Asked to explain how they got here, Reid said he has explained what went wrong each week. He pointed to turnovers, penalties, and red zone issues. He also took the blame.

"I look at the facts of it and I will also say that it’s my fault for not putting the guys in the right position to make plays. And I believe that it comes back to the head coach and that’s where it should come back to," he said.

Reid was asked whether he had spoken with owner Jeffrey Lurie about Lurie's disappointment with the season.

"Jeffrey is very competitive so he’s disappointed as we all are,” Reid said.

Reid said he will not change the evaluation process that he uses before the team plays next, at Miami.


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