Reid: Mornhinweg-Washburn took care of business like 'grown men'

Andy Reid said that he spoke to both Marty Mornhinweg and Jim Washburn after their sideline spat, that the offensive coordinator and defensive line coach cleared the air and that the Eagles had moved on and were focused on Thursday’s game at Seattle.

“It’s an emotional game,” Reid said Tuesday at the NovaCare Complex. “It doesn’t matter if you’re coaches or players, things happen. You take care of business like grown men. They’ve talked, I’ve talked and they’ve worked it out and we’re fine here.”

The confrontation took place midway through the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Patriots. The Eagles were leading, 10-0, at the time. There was some initial speculation that Washburn confronted Mornhinweg because he was calling too many pass plays and the defense was gassed as a result.

“I know that was reported, that’s not the case,” Reid said. “It wasn’t an offense versus defense thing.”

Several sources close to the situation have also said the spat was not about Mornhinweg’s play-calling. While one source told The Inquirer on Monday that an accidental bump initiated the tiff, another source said Tuesday that a derogatory comment by Washburn to Mornhinweg started the quarrel.

Mornhinweg did not back down and responded in a way that drew the attention of nearby players and team personnel, who stepped in, the source said. Mornhinweg has not met with the media since last week. Both he and Washburn, through an Eagles spokesman, have declined to comment.

Washburn is known for not mincing words.

“He’s a fiery guy with a chip on his shoulder and he says what’s on his mind,” Eagles defensive tackle Trevor Laws said. “Sometimes he’ll rub people the wrong way, but to tell you the truth, that attitude spreads down the line to the defensive line.”

Washburn has made similar remarks to other coaches on the sideline during games this season, two team sources said.

“This isn’t the first time guys get emotional on the sideline,” Reid said. “It’s that type of game.”