Reid: Eagles 'don't know' Maclin illness

Andy Reid confirmed that the Eagles don't know the cause of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin's unidentified illness.

"No, we don't," Reid said following the Eagles' 13-6 preseason win over the Ravens Thursday night. "That's why they're doing these things. I encourage it. I just want to make sure he's feeling right and OK and I know he can play football. That part I know. But the important part here is that he can take care of business."

Maclin returned to his hometown of St. Louis to undergo further testing. Reid was asked why the 23-year-old, who has yet to practice in training camp, needed to leave Philadelphia.

"His father is a doctor -- so that's a comforting feeling," Reid said. "So he'll have somebody there that he's very close to. His dad's got a good pulse on things, which we encourage."

Jeff Parres, Maclin's surrogate father, is a urologist in suburban St. Louis. Reid said he had no timetable for when Maclin would return to camp. Despite this apparent setback, Reid said that he believed Maclin would be back by the start of the season even though a diagnosis has yet to be made.

"I think he's going to be ready," Reid said. "I guess I'm optimistic. I'm waiting to hear the results."

Maclin is one of the most-liked Eagles in the locker room.

"He loves playing football. That's what he lives for," tight end Brent Celek said. "The fact that he's not out here it kills me for him."