Random Eagles notes: Senior Bowl week begins today, and Richard Sherman

(Elaine Thompson/AP)

Senior Bowl festivities begin this morning in Mobile, Alabama, beginning with the weigh-in, which is probably the most awkward event in sports. We'll have more on that later.

In case you missed our Senior Bowl preview, here are 10 players who could be of interest to the Eagles that I'll be paying particular attention to this week. My buddy Tommy Lawlor oif IgglesBlitz is down here this week as well. It appears he'll be paying a lot of attention to the OLBs and safeties. Jeff McLane also has a who's who of Senior Bowl players to watch.


In case you missed Richard Sherman's post game WWE-style rant after the Seahawks' NFC Championship Game, here it is.

Reactions were mixed on Sherman's trash talk. Like him or not, he's right that he is the best CB in the league. If you happen to be among the people who approve of trash talk, that was only Sherman's second best post game performance, in my opinion. Sherman had Trent Williams so rattled after the playoff game in Washington last year, that Williams basically walked up to Sherman after the game and punched him in the face.


When Navorro Bowman was being carted off the field, Seahawks fans threw popcorn at him. "Hey Navorro, your leg just bent a way it's not supposed to bend, you're undoubtedly in a lot of pain, and you have a year of grueling rehab ahead of you. But hey... Here's some popcorn!" Seahawks fans ARE THE BEST!!!!! 12th MAN!!!!!


Kickers were 9 for 9 in the conference championship round, including kicks of 47, 47, and 54. Watching those games yesterday, did you ever feel like anyone would miss?

Additionally, in the Pats-Broncos game, when Stephen Gostkowski and Matt Prater were trying to kick it deep, they were a combined 10 for 10 on touchbacks. If must be nice not having to worry about made field goals and opposing kick returns.