Random Eagles notes: Keyshawn Johnson's brilliant analysis of Chip Kelly, and more

Keyshawn Johnson (left) and Chip Kelly (right). (AP Photos)

Keyshawn Johnson was asked to give his grade of Chip Kelly this season. His response, verbatim:

"I would probably say, probably just about a C," said Johnson. "Well because he started off slow. He thought that he was never going to, his offense was going to work to the point, where, of no return. It's been OK. It hasn't been this eye-popping, we're going to all of a sudden change the way that football is played on a professional level. It hasn't done that and I think that was the expectations, and so I would say that he has come up short of expectations."

Audio of Keyshawn's interview can be found here.

Keyshawn is smart.


ESPN did a player survey to determine the most feared player in the NFL. The top two choices were both Detroit Lions. More interestingly, Eagles players did not want to participate, as they initially had the same answer: "We don't fear anybody."


The next major event on the Eagles' schedule will be the Senior Bowl week of practices in Mobile, Alabama, which occur the week after the Conference Championship games. The list of confirmed attendees can be found here. Since Howie Roseman became GM of the Eagles in 2010, the Eagles have drafted 18 players who have participated at the Senior Bowl:

That list doesn't include undrafted free agents like Chris Polk, and others.


The Eagles signed center David Molk, a former 7th round pick of the Chargers. The Eagles worked Molk out prior to the Chargers game this season.

Molk had a very high opinion of himself when he was eligible for the draft in 2012. Definitely worth a read.


The Redskins have their new head coach. That would be former Bengals offensive coordinator and Arena League legend Jay Gruden. Or perhaps how many casual fans might better relate to him... Jon Gruden's little bro.

Next Thursday will be the 1-year anniversary of the Eagles hiring Chip Kelly. At the time, many pundits were immediately dismissive that he could succeed in an NFL climate. Obviously, through just one season with the Eagles, the Chippah has all but silenced those critics. Well, except for Keyshawn Johnson, I suppose.

One of the best posts of 2013 was by Dave Mangels. Dave rounded up all the negative "hot takes" on Chip Kelly's hiring in one convenient place. Hilarious work here by Dave. (Apologies in advance to some of my friends who are included in that post :)

It will be fun to see all the quick-twitch opinions of the Gruden hire.


The Eagles have put out some amazing videos this season. Their thank you to Eagles fans is tremendous.