National media on Kolb

DeSean Jackson and Kevin Kolb kneel on the sideline during training camp practice. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Back on July 25, I made seven camp predictions.

I hit on some, and I missed on others. More on all of them later today after camp closes. But here's what I wrote about Kevin Kolb:

I think that when the national reporters stop by, most will write similarly-themed articles about the 2010 Eagles. They will focus around the changing of the guard at quarterback and Kevin Kolb's first year as a starter. I think the national guys who have had limited contact with Kolb in the past will come away impressed, and by the time the season starts, it will be difficult to find a national reporter or TV personality who predicts that Kolb is not up for the challenge.

And that's how it's gone for the most part - a lovefest for Kolb by pretty much every writer who has stopped by. I can't remember seeing a single item by the national media that suggests he's not going to play well.

As I mentioned in a previous post,'s Peter King gave Kolb some love in this week's Monday Morning Quarterback column.

And similar thoughts on Kolb have surfaced from a couple other national writers. John Czarnecki of writes about how everyone he's talked to seems to have faith in Kolb, including Fox analyst and former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman.

"I have started talking with him," Aikman told Czarnecki. "I was impressed with how he played at the end of last season. He has a quick delivery, and he showed me a lot of poise. I think he has a chance to be a real good quarterback."

Czarnecki also has a Donovan McNabb note in his column.

There’s no question Reid’s one of the league’s finest coaches with a respectable history of winning in the NFC East, but despite those five NFC title game appearances, the Eagles won only one, then McNabb puked in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl loss to New England. Giants coach Tom Coughlin told me McNabb did the same thing in Jacksonville in 2002 when his Jaguars beat the Eagles, but that’s another story, although Coughlin still wishes Reid would have traded McNabb out of the division.

Meanwhile, Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports takes a similar angle, talking to Kolb's teammates and coaches about his leadership and his ability to take over:

Though they fielded trade offers for all three passers – "We didn’t put a for-sale sign up," Andy Reid says, "but we sat back and let people come to us and kind of evaluated what was best" – the psychic move to Kolb had already been made. It became official on Easter as Kolb kicked back at home, having flown back to Philly earlier that morning from Texas, where his wife, Whitney, and their two young daughters stayed behind to continue visiting relatives.


Below is another new DeSean Jackson commercial. Unfortunately, no mention of hummus in this one. Thanks to Bleeding Green Nation for the link.

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