Opposing fan emotions: Redskins edition

Alex Brandon/AP

In a former life, I wrote for Bleeding Green Nation, the Eagles' website under the SB Nation umbrella. Gamedays are full of emotion for all fans, and that emotion really shows through on SB Nation's gametime open threads. After games it's always fun to go back and observe the prophetic, delusional, smart, and ridiculous comments made in those threads by fans of opposing teams. This week, we'll rehash the emotional rollercoaster that Redskins fans experienced Monday night at the great Redskins site, HogsHaven.com.

As a quick disclaimer, this is not an original idea. Full credit for this idea goes to my friend @OCC44, a Cowboys fan who thought of this a few years ago. Since it's an awesome idea, I'm stealing/implementing it.  

Without futher ado...


"Prediction: Alf & Helu have 100 yards + each." - ruffnecks10

Opening drive, Eagles driving, before the bogus fumble return TD:

"Our defense is [expletive'ing] the bed." - Hartclaremont

"This doesn't look so good." - TheLastStraw05

"This won't last. Mathis is sucking wind already." - CJ Hutch

The bogus fumble return TD:

"HAHAHAHAHAHA" - Theodore Gorath

"Welcome back. There’s the Vick we all know and love." - jrhooo

"LOLPhilly" - TerpsDC

Eagles' second possession, driving once again:

"gashing us..." - Asmaki

"Some things never change. Our defense still sucks." - Jeff Bernard

"I hope the refs get tired soon and slow down." - TheLastStraw05

"Every DC in the NFL is [expletive'ing] in their pants right now. "Gimmick" offense." - Bill-in-Bangkok

"I already hate Kelly. Smug [expletive] face makes me want to punch him. Or it could just be that he's the coach of the Eagles." - Draco

"That type off Offense doesn't last long. This is not College where you have 100 players." - Nitecrawler1G

Eagles kick FG, and Redskins get the ball back:

"Like to see a lot of Morris pounding it." - ENsDad27

Alfred Morris fumbles, Mychal Kendricks recovers:

"OMG Alfred" - kilbyman

"Nobody wants RG3 to play." - hnmnf

DeSean Jackson TD:

"Well the Monday Massacre is back." - kilbyman

"Wiiiiiiide open." - Jim America

"3 Eagles drives and one play by the Redskins offense so far." - Seer

"Did I mention that Chip Kelly's offense will never work in the NFL?" - Jeff Bernard

RG3 throws INT to Brandon Boykin:

"Wow FML" - Skinsfan214Life

"[Expletive] you, Philadelphia." - terpsDC 

"OK, we now have all of our nerves out and they've been frayed. Our two best offense players have gotten their screwups out if their system, and now the nerves are gone. Time to settle down and kick some [expletive]!" - FromRagsToRiggins

Eagles punt, then RG3 throws bad pitch to Alfred Morris in end zone, resulting in a safety:

"Unreal..." - Jim America

"HA OF COURSE" - Draco

"Quickly approaching liquor time." - Seer

"Turns out not playing young players in the preseason is a big deal." - Seer

"{Expletive]" - CJ Hutch

The Redskins defenders start "cramping up" at unusual rates:

"He's toatally faking it. Hate to say it." - Prodigal PG county sun

"Gotta do what you gotta do." - Skinsfan214life

 "Hahahahah, fake injuries to stop the offense?" - Divine Beast

DeAngelo Hall horsecollars DeSean Jackson like 3 yards out of bounds:

"He tackled him in bounds!" - Bill-in-Bangkok

"DeSean is so fragile mentally. Soft as baby food." - terpsDC

"Jackson was showboating and baiting Hall" - caps&skins

Vick throws a TD pass to Brent Celek:

"Somebody pour a beer on that fat stupid eagles fan sitting by the end zone." - idigl7220

"Chip Kelly's offense isn't beating us... ours is." - Shannafan

"No, it's beating us. Badly." - Jeff Bernard

"This is an [expletive}show. I’m muting the game and watching something Netflix. Maybe I’ll look up and something good will happen." - DCO'sfan

Redskins go 3-and out

"Put Cousins in the game" - Rono D

"Running out of bad things to say" - Asmaki

"He is so slow and gimpy. Cousins time." - caps&skins

Michael Vick runs in a TD:

"I can live with a loss. I can’t live with hordes of mouthbreathers declaring that this must mean Chip Kelly’s offense is proven." - jrhooo

"Especially since the mouthbreathers might be right." - Seer

"Chip Kelly's terrible offense that will never work in the NFL is on pace for 52 points" - Jeff Bernard 

"It's going to suck when everyone leaves at halftime and all you have left in the stands is inebriated, illiterate eastern Pennsylvanians." - terpsDC

LeSean McCoy scores on electrifying TD run:

"This is emabarrassing" - Shannafan

"Dear ESPN, enough Eagles at Redskins on Monday Night. forever, if possible. thank you. What is it, 92-31?" - hscer

"One more TD and I'm going out and getting in a fight for no reason at all" - terpsDC

After a 14 play drive, the Redskins miss a FG:

"[Expletive]" - terpsDC

"Ha of course. [Expletive] this game." - Draco

"I actually, seriously expected that." - CJHutch

Alfred Morris scores on a TD run, celebrates despite being down 3 scores: 

"Golf clap." - terpsDC

"I love Morris but no need to celebrate there." - Rhamm21

"We're better than the Jaguars!" - HogHunter

"So the plan is... Let the eagles get way ahead, then they get lethargic and we come back with a vengeance." - ruffnecks10

Jason Avant fumbles, and the Redskins score again quickly:

"Do I dare? Do you think?... na... better not say it." - 1x1an

"[Expletive] the Eagles" - Redskns329

"Stop eagles, get ball back, move down field, score TD. Repeat. Plenty of time." - Bill-in-Bangkok

The Redskins score again:

"Haha, how do you let a receiver into the back of the endzone?" - HogHunter

"That missed FG is a killer right now." - Rekka

"Same with the INT, safety, etc." - Frisbee Dave

"Philly shook." - terpsDC

Eagles recover onsides kick:

"Damn" - CJ Hutch