Eagles eye moving up for safety in Round 1?

The Eagles have had Tennessee's Eric Berry in for a private workout. (AP Photo / Darron Cummings)

It is not a surprise that safety is among the Eagles' biggest needs in next week's draft.

Peter King, of Sports Illustrated, says the Eagles are among a small number of teams looking to move up in the draft, and the Birds are looking to select either Tennessee's Eric Berry or Texas' Earl Thomas.

The Eagles have 11 draft picks, which should give them plenty of ammunition to make a deal.

Either Berry, whom the Eagles have had in for a private workout, or Thomas would be a huge acquisition.

King suggests a possible trading partner could be the Dolphins, who have the 12th pick but do not have a second-rounder. Their next selection is No. 73. Moving to No. 12 could take Berry out of the mix, since he is expected to go in the Top 10, and perhaps the Top 5.

The Eagles likely would have to give up their first-rounder -- No. 24 -- and one of their other picks. The Eagles have two second-rounders, including the one received from Washington in the Donovan McNabb trade, and two third-rounders, although one of those is at No. 87, after the Dolphins' next selection. 

The Birds haven't drafted in their scheduled first-round spot since 2006, when they chose defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley 14th overall. Staying put in the first is something they've done just twice in the past 7 years.


A week from today, we will be dissecting what the Eagles did in the first round of the NFL draft -- traded up, made the right move or not -- and what they might do with their picks over the final two days of the new three-day draft.

For today, we thought it made sense to look at the other teams in the NFC East -- which draft picks they have, who they have added and who they have gained -- especially with what we know about the Eagles' offseason to this point.

Look for more on where things stand with the Eagles in the coming days, as we begin our predraft coverage.


Draft picks










Flozell Adams

Ken Hamlin

Montrae Holland

Shaun Suisham


Draft picks










Jy Bond

Deon Grant (Seahawks)

Antrel Rolle (Cardinals)

Jim Sorgi (Colts)


David Carr (49ers)

Danny Clark

Kevin Dockery (Rams)

Londen Fryar

Darcy Johnson (Rams)

Antonio Pierce

Fred Robbins (Rams)

Aaron Rouse


Draft picks






Josh Bidwell (Buccaneers)

Phillip Buchanon (Lions)

Rex Grossman (Texans)

Artis Hicks (Vikings)

Larry Johnson (Bengals)

Maake Kemoeatu (Panthers)

Donovan McNabb (Eagles)

Willie Parker (Steelers)

Greg Peterson (Jaguars)

Sean Ryan (Chiefs)


Ethan Albright

Ladell Betts

Rock Cartwright

Todd Collins

Quinton Ganther (Seahawks)

Cornelius Griffin

Levi Jones

Marcus Mason (Chargers)

Antwaan Randle El (Steelers)

Chris Samuels (Retired)

J.D. Skolnitsky (Colts)

Hunter Smith

Fred Smoot

Randy Thomas

Eddie Williams (Bears)

Renaldo Wynn

Todd Yoder


The legend of Mike Mamula, combine superhero, lives on.

During a conference call with reporters, Giants general manager Jerry Reese was asked this question: "In all of the years that you have been doing this, typically how dramatic can a guy either move up or fall based on a dramatic performance at the Combine - just at the Combine? You guys have game film on a guy all career long."

His response: "Sure, I think that happens sometimes. You see guys go to the Combine and just blow the Combine up with all of the gymnastic drills and athletic stuff. And you see people get burned by it. And you see some people go in there and do well at a Combine and play pretty good. So you see it both ways. I think years ago that the defensive end that Philadelphia took that really blew it up at the Combine played some but he was a quick riser. I said that to say that he was a quick riser, not to criticize their pick. He was a quick riser; I don’t think people had him ranked that high, but he really blew it up in the Combine and he jumped up high really quick. So you always see some of that happen."


Finally, thought this was really funny, from Igglesblog contributor BountyBowl, who had the cleverest Eagles-related site when he was out on his own:


My favorite paragraph, as we all prepare for the May Day parade down Broad Street:

"If you see comrades in your apartment block who are considering defection, please direct them to our Central Party broadcasts. It is in all of our best interests that these confused comrades are appropriately reeducated by Associate Minister of Information and Vice Chairman of the People's Commissars, Comrade Spadaro. Comrade Spadaro is a longtime Party member and a trusted ally of the People. From the lips of Comrade Spadaro come the glorious Truths regarding the future of the Central Party. The success of the People depends on our collective loyalty -- rest assured that any impacted comrades will later thank you for the opportunity to be reeducated!"