Nick Foles is co-MVP of the Pro Bowl, and 10 awards from Honolulu!

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. (Eugene Tanner/AP)

Nick Foles won co-MVP of the Pro Bowl, along with Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson. Foles went 7 of 10 for 89 yards, 1 TD and 0 INTs, for a QB rating of 130.8. If there were any questions as to whether or not Nick Foles will be the best QB in NFL history, his performance in the Pro Bowl Sunday night should end all doubts.

Also... the awards are back... in Pro Bowl form!

The "Convert Him to Fullback" Award: LeSean McCoy

Look at LeSean McCoy's punishing lead block on this end around to the Browns' Josh Gordon:

LeSean looked more like a video game glitch than a lead blocker. On the next play, he caught a pass, was pushed out of bounds, and flattened a camera guy, so I guess he made up for it a little.

The "Cris Collinsworth Incorrect Rant" Award: Cris Collinsworth

After LeSean McCoy fumbled, Cris Collinsworth went on a long rant (by Pro Bowl standards) on Shady's fumbling issues. McCoy had 1 fumble in 366 touches in 2013. 

The "Lay the Wood" Award: Derrick Johnson, TJ Ward, and Mike Tolbert

This year the Pro Bowl was drafted by Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice. It is no longer AFC vs NFC, which means that teammates can be on opposite teams. Did that stop teammates from tackling each other? Nope. Derrick Johnson lit up teammate Jamaal Charles, TJ Ward flipped teammate Josh Gordon, and Mike Tolbert trucked teammate Luke Kuechly.

Johnson, Ward, and Tolbert hit their own teammates in the Pro Bowl harder than Nate Allen has hit anyone.... ever.

I wish that was an exaggeration.

Terrible Playcalling Award: Whoever coached the team Evan Mathis was on

I know that Ron Rivera and Chuck Pagano were the Pro Bowl coaches. I honestly just don't feel like looking up which guy was coaching the team Mathis was on. Since it's the Pro Bowl and the players kind of take it easy, I feel like I can cut some corners too.

Anyway, Mathis was in the game, and whatever team he played for had 1st and Goal from around the 5. They ran 4 plays and didn't throw it to Mathis once. How do you not get the ball into the hands of your best player? Awful. 

The "We Found Our Big Receiver" Award: DeSean Jackson

In the first quarter, DeSean Jackson skied over two defenders for a TD grab. 

DeSean Plaxson.

The "Further Proof That Phil Simms Was Wrong" Award: Chip Kelly

Back in October, Phil Simms said the Eagles' offense was a "bottom 5 unit" because Chip Kelly hadn't yet redefined the game. Since then, Chip Kelly has redefined the game to such a degree that the NFL ripped off Oregon's uniforms and are using them in the most prestigious football game in the world.


The "Smart Move" Award: The NFL

Nick Foles didn't throw a pass until the 4th quarter of the Pro Bowl, which makes sense from a competition standpoint. Since NFL fans want as much Nick Foles as they can get, I would have suggested that Foles play steady QB all game. But if they did that, the score would have been 138-137, and that's just too much offense for the game to be taken seriously. Instead, Foles only played in the 4th quarter and the league asked him not to completely dominate. Nick agreed, because he's unselfish.

The "Depends Diaper" Award: Pro Bowl defenders

When Foles entered the game, several Pro Bowl defenders peed themselves a little, per sources.

Choke Kicker Award: Justin Tucker

With less than a minute to go, Nick Foles led his team on a majestic 27 yard drive, getting Team Sanders into reasonable FG range. Unfortunately, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker missed his 67 yard field goal attempt and Team Foles lost.

Best Player in the NFL: Nick Foles

Because the Pro Bowl is a collection of the best players in the NFL, and Nick Foles was co-MVP of the game, I can only conclude that Nick Foles was the best player in the NFL this season, just like Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph was last year.