Nick Foles, Jason Peters and Evan Mathis voted among the top 100 players in the NFL by their peers

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (left), offensive lineman Evan Mathis (center), and offensive lineman Jason Peterson (right). (Getty Images)

NFL Network is running their Top 100 players feature again this year, which is voted on by the players. The first Eagles to pop up on their countdown to No. 1 were Evan Mathis (No. 88), Nick Foles (No. 70) and Jason Peters (No. 67).

The top 60 players have yet to be revealed. 

Chris McPherson of has NFL Network's video segment for each player. Player quotes from those features are transcribed below.

No. 70 Nick Foles

Jeremy Maclin, Eagles WR

I knew when he took over last year when Vick got hurt that he was going to be a special quarterback. You could see him being comfortable in the pocket.

Mark Herzlich, Giants LB

I mean, talk about a breakout year. The guy was on fire. Nick Foles took over the team when things weren't going very well. He thrived under that pressure. His poise in the pocket... He has the ability to run and he's athletic. He's no Mike Vick, but he uses his poise to know when to run and when to pass. The way he could drop the long ball into DeSean Jackson (RIP) made him a huge threat to defenses. Philly, those fans are brutal, and they fell in love with him.

Gerald McCoy, Buccaneers DT

One thing I always said about that guy is his poise. The thing that he can do that people lose sight of is his athleticism. He can run the ball if necessary. 

Unknown Raiders player

It's pretty impressive to watch him. At the same time, I was angry that he pretty much shredded us.

No. 67 Jason Peters

Evan Mathis

He's a top 100 player, absolutely. The dude is an amazing tackle. Most people know the story of how he came into the league, an undrafted free agent who was initially a tight end. They saw the athleticism that was there and the size that was there, and they moved him to tackle, and the rest is history.

He can play games with people, just doing what he wants out there sometimes. 

Jason Hatcher, Redskins DE

First of all, he's big. He's like 340, and he's quick as a cat, man. He's just one of those left tackle that will go down in the category of guys like Walter Jones.

King Dunlap, Chargers OT

Most offensive linemen, we're kind of good at one thing, so-so at other things. He's really good at everything. It's the NFL. Everyone gets beat, but it's a rare occasion for him. That's just the kind of dominant player he is and that's why they're successful right now.

Jeremy Maclin, Eagles WR

It goes to show why (LeSean) McCoy led the league in rushing, and why Nick (Foles) was able to have the amount of success that he had. (He's) the best offensive tackle in this league.

No. 88 Evan Mathis

Gerald McCoy, Buccaneers DT

I don't know what he's doing. I don't know if he was working on his grip constantly, but when he grabs you there's no getting out of it, man. And he's great at hand position. Once he has you, it's a tight squeeze. You're not going nowhere.

Adrian Wilson, Cardinals S

He's quite the fellow in the weight room. His grip is probably one of the strongest I've ever felt. He's definitely highly-rated up there.

Jeremy Maclin, Eagles WR

That left side over there, with Mathis and Peters, any time we want any type of yardage we get McCoy the ball right behind those two guys and those guys make it happen.

He's a specialty. If you see his work ethic and see the type of things that he does to keep himself in shape, that part of his game is second-to-none.

I think he's definitely earned that spot and I think he's probably the top guard in the league.

Mike Daniels, Packers DE

I'm happy he got his due. He made the Pro Bowl this year. He got some all-pro honors and I think it's definitely deserved.

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