Nick Foles a different fantasy to different people

Whose fantasy ISN'T he?! (Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Only the future can tell us how Nick Foles follows up his first season with Chip Kelly. Fortunately, that's why we have fantasy quarterback rankings, for a sneak peak at how analysts expect things to shake out, and so that we can pretend that neat little lists have any sort of bearing on reality.

ESPN: Foles comes in at No. 8 overall, over Colin Kaepernick (No. 9), over Russell Wilson (No. 10), and over Tom Brady (No. 12). He lords over Tony Romo (No. 12), and hey, Eli Manning cracked the Top 20 (No. 18). That's so cute. 

Yahoo! Sports: This time, Foles comes in at No. 9, still in the Top 10, but this time pressed up against Romo at No. 10. He's also closer to Andrew Luck than any other rankings, with Luck sitting just above him at No. 8. One analyst put Foles at No. 11, another put him at No. 5, but the consensus of the group lists the Eagles quarterback at No. 9. Tom Brady finally beats out Foles, coming in at No. 7, but Foles is touted over Cam Newton (No. 10) and Tony Romo (No. 12). For those wondering, poor Eli came in at No. 26 on this one; his lowest yet.

SB Nation: SBN has Romo (No. 8) over Foles (No. 9), leaving us with little to work with here. But I'm a professional, I can do this. Um. Oh, look - Foles is still considered better than the defending Super Bowl champion QB (Russell Wilson ranked No. 10). In fact, he's been ranked higher than Wilson on every list I've seen. If that's not a Super Bowl guarantee, then I don't know what is! And I apparently don't, because the other eight QBs listed above Foles can't also win a Super Bowl.

FOX Sports: Kaepernick (No. 2), Brady (No. 9); everybody beat Foles (No. 13) on FOX's list. Even Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton! He's at No. 6! Then they don't even explain why

CBS Sports: One CBS guy has Foles at No. 12, the other has him as the highest-ranked NFC East QB at No. 6. One of them has him ranked higher than Andrew Luck, the other has him ranked lower than Jay Cutler.

Foles seems to have impressed or become trendy enough to keep in the single digits, with anything higher than No. 7 being a bit brash, which indicates the general take on him in the preseason: He burst onto the scene last year, but will not be able to prove something like consistency until he gets back on the field for real.

It's almost like the conclusion to draw here is, unless you can grab Manning, Rodgers or Brees, you could take a flyer on pretty much any No. 4-15 ranked QB and have it pay off. 

And no, Eli, when I say "Manning," I don't mean you.

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