Money quotes from the Eagles' seven draft picks

(AP Photo/Michael Perez)

The Eagles' rookies took a break from their minicamp to speak with reporters today. Here were their money quotes. 

• Marcus Smith on where he thought he would have been drafted if the Eagles didn't take him: "Once I got picked by the Eagles, I heard that Arizona was going to take me next, or the Redskins were going to take me in the 2nd (round)." (The Cardinals picked 27th, behind the Eagles at 26.)

• Jordan Matthews on his competitiveness: "I feel like I'm one of the most competitive guys ever... I want to be the first guy up, the first guy in the building. I want to be the last to leave. I like to compete in everything I do. I'm going to try to eat healthier than you. I'm going to go out and try to practice harder than you. I'm going to try to stretch longer."

• Josh Huff on already having an understanding of Chip Kelly's offense: "Even though I'm a rookie, I can come in and help some of the veterans that just don't get it yet."

• Jaylen Watkins on the politeness of people in the Eagles' organization: "Everybody was very friendly from my first day here. That's the one thing I picked up on. Everybody greets you.  Hey, hi, how are you doing, good morning."

• Taylor Hart on being a prototypical '4-technique,' 2-gapping DE: For what I've done, and what (DL coach) Jerry Azzinaro taught us at Oregon, is pretty similar to what they have here. They want long body type people who can move, and I think I fit that pretty well."

• Ed Reynolds on why Stanford produces tough players: "If you've seen any of our games, we lined up with 8 offensive linemen. Our defense prides itself on being able to stop the run. We have that hard-nosed mentality where it's like, you know what we going to do, but try to beat us at it."

• Beau Allen on his visit with the Eagles: "I sat in a meeting room with the whole defensive staff and they put on a cut up (of my game film) and they said 'Explain what you've been taught and what your assignment is on every play.' I think it wasn't as relaxed as some of the other interviews I went on... It was a little stressful, but it was good though."

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