Mike Patterson says he will be ready following surgery

Mike Patterson expects to be fully cleared to play this season following brain surgery. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

During his session with reporters Wednesday at the owners' meetings, Eagles coach Andy Reid said defensive tackle Mike Patterson was "doing well" and had not had any setbacks following surgery.

Today, Patterson himself said the same thing during an interview with the team's website.

Patterson was diagnosed with AVM, a tangling of the blood vessels in the brain. That is what caused his scary seizure at training camp last summer. He missed two weeks and decided to put off surgery to have the AVM removed until after the season.

On the surgery: "It was successful. It went great. I feel real blessed. I had a great doctor and he was able to take care of the issues that were happening. They were able to pretty much yank it out, and now I just need to let it heal and ready to go."

Do you expect to be ready for OTAs?: "Most definitely. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to the season we have a lot of great players coming back and have some nice young talent coming in so there is going to be some good stuff."

Do you expect to be fully cleared?: "That’s my plan. We’ll see how everything works out. I need to check with [athletic trainer Rick Burkolder] and all of them. If they give me the green light than I will most definitely be out there."

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