Michael Vick: 'He's thinking about making a change at the quarterback position'

Michael Vick understands everything is being evaluated -- including quarterback -- after the Eagles' 30-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons dropped the team to 3-4.

"Obviously, he's thinking about making a change at the quarterback position," Vick said of Andy Reid. "The thing I do know, and I'll go watch the film and I'll evaluate myself, is that I'm giving us every opportunity to win. I'm trying my hardest. Something don't go right when I want them to. Some things do. If that's a decision that coach wants to make, then I support it."

After his news conference, Vick was asked again about his remarks.

It's tough when you know everything is in the balance, but that's the decision that coach is thinking about making, and I'm going to fight until he says, 'Come on out,' and he takes me out of the game," Vick said.


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Vick went 21 of 35 for 191 yards and one touchdown on Sunday. He also rushed for 45 yards.  

When Vick was asked if he's playing like a franchise quarterback, he wavered. He keeps talking about effort, but performance also needs to be there.

"I don't know if playing like a franchise quarterbacks means throwing three or four touchdowns week in and week out and doing everything right," Vick said. "But I know I've been there before and despite it all, I still feel like I do a lot of positive things out there and that's all I can ask. But I still have to evaluate myself and be critical of myself and we'll go from there."

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson said he's "sticking with" Vick.

"He's here, he's our quarterback," Jackson said. "Until something different happens, I got to roll with it. I feel he does a good job. Just got to make it easier on everybody."