McNabb throws no bombshells

“I like to handle my business behind closed doors,” Redskins QB Donovan McNabb said (Paul Sancya/AP)

No shock: Donovan McNabb threw no bombshells at his weekly press availability Thursday morning. His benching at the end of the Redskins’ game against Detroit continues to dominate the questioning, but McNabb is supplying no gasoline for the fire. Surprise.

“I like to handle my business behind closed doors,” he said, adding that he has never agreed with people who deal with their grievances through the media. He said, “I think that’s not truly professional.”

What McNabb said was that he has spoken with the Shanahans -- coach Mike and offensive coordinator Kyle. He said they have talked about trying to play more to McNabb’s strengths, but that he has received no assurances that, given a similar circumstance, he won’t be pulled again.

Still, McNabb said, “We’ve put it out on the table and we’re moving on,” and he insisted that he relationship with the Redskins’ organization has not been fundamentally altered by the incident.

Then, somebody asked McNabb if he has talked to Eagles coach Andy Reid -- which really isn’t very realistic at this point in the season -- or if Reid offered any advice about how to handle the benching.

McNabb said, laughing, “I haven’t talked to Andy. I wouldn’t really know what to say to him because I got benched with Andy, too. But the whole thing about it is, we talk about different things but we haven’t talked about this situation and nor do I want to rehash it. Like I’ve said, I think it’s important that we move on from it. We put everything out on the table, we’ve talked, and now it’s time for us to forward.”

Look for a lot more in Friday’s Daily News.