McCoy begrudgingly picks Giants

INDIANAPOLIS -- It killed him to say it, but LeSean McCoy picked the New York Giants to win Super Bowl XLVI on Wednesday.

"I really want the Patriots to win," McCoy said moments after he won the FedEx Ground Player of the Year award, "but I feel like the Giants are probably going to win."

For proof of McCoy's distaste for the Giants, type in the words "Osi Umenyiora" and "Twitter war" into a Google search. But the Eagles running back said that the Giants are getting hot at the right moment and feels that will propel them past New England on Sunday.

"It's hard because you feel like you're better than they are," McCoy said later to a handful of reporters. "But that's just words. They're actually doing it."

McCoy said that it pained him to talk about the Super Bowl and, in fact, to even attend his first Super Bowl without being on one of the teams playing. But he came, he said, to represent the Eagles in winning the FedEx Award over the Jaguars' Maurice Jones-Drew and the Ravens' Ray Rice.

McCoy has had a whirlwind several weeks since the end of the season. Earlier this week he was in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Last month he was in California shooting a Nike commercial. The third-year tailback is obviously capitalizing on the success he had last season in which he ran for over 1,300 yards and scored 20 touchdowns.

The 23-year old could be in for a big payday this off-season. McCoy still has one year left on his contract, but the Eagles may be interested in locking him up long-term.

“Guys should get their worth," McCoy said when he was asked about the large contracts top running backs were getting in recent seasons. "Guys out there they play their hearts out for their franchise, for the team. And the running back market is very high thanks to Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson. So I think it’s a mutual feeling of being taken care of and actually being fair with the amount of money your offered or you accept.”

McCoy was joined by Jones-Drew for the FedEx presentation. At one point, as Jones-Drew was crediting his offensive line for his production last season he said that he bought the linemen watches and trips to Hawaii. Phil Simms, who was hosting the award ceremony, then asked McCoy what he purchased for his lineman.

"I'm still on my first contract," McCoy joked.

He did say that he and quarterback Michael Vick were conspiring to send the Eagles linemen on a cruise.