Seems 'offset' won't set back Birds' Johnson

Lane Johnson throws during an NFL football Play 60 youth event at the Cleveland Browns' practice facility in Berea, Ohio Friday, June 28, 2013. The visit by NFC rookies is part of the NFL's annual Rookie Symposium. (Mark Duncan/AP)

The Miami Dolphins announced they'd agreed to terms Saturday with defensive end Dion Jordan, the third player taken in the April draft. This is good news for Eagles fans.

According to a report from FOX Sports' Mike Garafolo, the Dolphins reached a compromise with Jordan on the "offset language" that until Saturday had kept seven of the top 10 picks from signing, including Lane Johnson, the offensive tackle the Eagles drafted fourth overall, just after Jordan. Garafolo said the Dolphins did get the offset, but they agreed to give Jordan his signing bonus quicker than usual.

Offset language in a contract means if you get cut, and another team signs you, what you make from the new team is deducted from what the former team owes you. Teams are pushing for offsets across the board; the Eagles sure wish they'd had that language in the free agent deal they signed with Nnamdi Asomugha, who will make $4 million from the 49ers this season (assuming he makes their team) and $3 mil from the Birds.

Eagles rookies report Monday, and it now seems like there's a pretty decent chance Johnson will be there. Veterans report next Thursday.