Man Up: McCoy, Peters and the O-line

The Eagles' offense is in trouble if it has to operate without LeSean McCoy. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Here is the post on the defense in case you missed it yesterday.

And now onto the offense:

Michael Vick- He played 15 snaps before getting knocked out of the game. As has been the case since he entered the game against Green Bay, Vick made some spectacular plays that few, if any, QBs in the league are capable of making. Vick broke a Brian Orakpo tackle and picked up 13 yards on a designed run in the first. And I counted four broken tackles on the 23-yard run where he got injured. As a passer, he completed 5 of 7 passes for 49 yards. Vick had a chance to hit Brent Celek for a big gain on the second possession, which would have given the Eagles the ball inside the Redskins' 5 yard line, but either the throw was a bit off or it was tipped at the line of scrimmage.

Kevin Kolb- What About Kolb? will return on Wednesday with full details of his performance, so I'll make this brief. He was fine on the check-down throws, but Fox analyst Troy Aikman did a good job of pointing out that Kolb had opportunities downfield that he missed. He was hesitant at times and his confidence has been shaken, which shouldn't rally be surprising. The big miss was the deep ball to DeSean Jackson that sailed towards the sideline.

LeSean McCoy- I'm not sure what this offense will look like if McCoy is out. He piled up 174 yards on 28 touches, and many of those came on outstanding individual efforts. There was the 31-yard catch and run in the first where he made defenders miss. The 17-yard screen and the 13-yard catch in the second. The 12-yard run in the third. McCoy's emergence might be the most encouraging thing to come out of the first four games for the Eagles. One thing I noticed, which I don't understand. On the final drive of the first half, McCoy got six straight touches, picked up 48 yards and pretty much single-handedly got the Eagles down to the Redskins' 4 yard line. That's when he apparently got injured and the Eagles were without him for two crucial plays. In the second half, McCoy's fumble was big. The Eagles were driving and had momentum at that point. I don't think it was the case on that play, but it looks like McCoy still carries the ball too far away from his body when defenders are around. The bottom line is the Eagles have no one behind McCoy who looks like he can be effective. Mike Bell has done nothing to inspire confidence so far.

Mike Bell- Speaking of... he was on the field for 10 plays. Bell carried three times for 6 yards and had one catch for 5 yards. I know he's probably looking forward to the opportunity for more touches, but I'm not sure he's going to be able to do anything with it.

Owen Schmitt- He's been a pleasant surprise. As many catches as Jackson and more yards than Jackson and Jeremy Maclin combined. OK, that's probably not a good thing. But Schmitt picked up first downs on all three of his catches for 43 yards. He was on the field for 11 plays.

DeSean Jackson- Quietest game of the season with three catches for 19 yards. Jackson got free deep in the fourth, but Kolb missed him. As the replays showed, he was open on the last drive too, but Kolb checked down. Jackson had a drop near the sideline in the third, but it would have been a short gain. Nice effort as a blocker on the 31-yard McCoy pickup.

Jeremy Maclin- He failed to get in the end zone for the first time this season. The Eagles' job is to find ways to get Jackson and Maclin the ball even when defenses are focused on stopping them. That didn't happen on Sunday. His only catch was a good one on a low throw from Kolb. And Maclin drew a pass interference call in the fourth, giving the Eagles a first down.

Jason Avant- I'll be honest. I hadn't seen the replay of that last Hail Mary until yesterday. How did Avant not come up with that catch? I say that's a touchdown nine out of 10 times with him. Overall, four catches for 31 yards. He picked up 17 on a 3rd-and-10 in the second.

Brent Celek- He scored his first touchdown of the season in the fourth quarter and picked up 12 for a first down on 3rd-and-7 in the third. Overall, three catches for 27 yards. Celek has no more than 42 receiving yards in any game this season. He did a good job staying in as a blocker on the 17-yard completion to Avant, but whiffed on his block on a McCoy 3-yard run in the third.

Garrett Mills- He was on the field for seven plays. No impact.

Winston Justice- I thought this was one of Justice's better performances of the season. The Redskins did not get much pressure from the left side. Of course, a lot of that had to do with where Orakpo was lined up (more against Peters). Andre Carter was lined up against Justice and sacked Kolb at the end of the third, but Kolb pump-faked and then stepped up to run on the play. Orakpo pushed Justice back on a play in the fourth where Kolb scrambled. Overall, though, a good performance. Justice and Mike McGlynn were the only two linemen not to be called for holding.

Max Jean-Gilles- More downs than ups for Jean-Gilles. He had trouble with Kedric Golston on a 2-yard Bell run in the first. Jean-Gilles did not do a good job on a McCoy 2-yard carry on 3rd-and-3 in the first. And, of course, he was called for holding on the play where Vick got injured. I did notice one nice pull on a 4-yard McCoy carry in the second.

Mike McGlynn- Albert Haynesworth gave McGlynn all he could handle, especially early. Haynesworth pushed him back on 3rd-and-3 during the first series, and Vick was forced to escape and throw the ball away. Haynesworth also disrupted a McCoy carry that failed to pick up a first down on 3rd-and-3. Not a good job by McGlynn on a McCoy carry for no gain in the second. In pass protection, he was better.

UPDATE: I initially went easy on the offensive line, saying they were not among the Eagles' biggest problems, but after re-watching every pass play, I realized the Redskins never rushed more than four. Their scheme up front was very basic, and they still pressured Kolb around eight times. Plus, there were the four holding penalties. In previous games, the offensive line had communication issues. In this one, they just got pushed around.

Todd Herremans- He also had trouble with Haynesworth. That was evident on Kolb's first play at the end of the first quarter where he had to scramble before completing a pass to Avant. Herremans and McGlynn did a good job teaming up on Haynesworth on a different 17-yard completion to Avant. The pair also did a good job on a 3rd-and-1 McCoy carry that picked up a first down. Herremans had a nice block on a 9-yard McCoy run at the end of the first half. Later, he was called for holding in the fourth. Herremans couldn't block Haynesworth on a 3-yard McCoy carry in the fourth, and Haynesworth beat him on the very next play, forcing Kolb to scramble.

Jason Peters- Where to begin? Well, you know about the two holding penalties for 20 yards by now. A blitzing LaRon Landry went right around Peters on the play where Vick scrambled and got injured. Peters had trouble with Haynesworth on a McCoy run for no gain in the second. And he got beat by Carter on the final drive.

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