Lion Down on the Returns

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It is time — BoopStats has learned — to put DeSean Jackson in to field kicks — punts, kickoffs ... heck, if the Lions trade for Doug Flutie this week and he attempts a drop kick, make sure DeSean is in the game for that.

Three reasons:

The Eagles need it ... DeSean Jackson needs it ... and the Lions appear to suck at defending them. Through five weeks, there have been 10 kick returns for touchdowns ... and Detroit has allowed four of them.

The Birds' offense (16.0 ppg, 31st in the NFL), meanwhile, is scoring less often than the Phillies with men on base. They could use a spark, especially early in the game. The Birds have played 300 minutes so far this season, and for 130:50 of that time, there has been a big, fat zero next to their name on the scoreboard. Over the last three games it is a whopping 106:28 out of 180 minutes. As many great men have said, "You can't win if you don't score."

Finally, D-Jax — and maybe we should stop referring to him as that until he gets some more T-Downs — could use a spark.

When he torched the Giants with the punt return TD in the "Miracle of the New Meadowlands," (Dec. 19, 2010, so long ago the Phils were still making the playoffs regularly), it was his 26th career touchdown in 48 games (playoffs included). He was a six-point machine.

Since then, he has five TDs in 23 games played. Those are the exact numbers put up for the Eagles by legendary WR Tony Woodruff (1982-84). That's not what the Eagles are paying for him Bryzgalov/Papelbon money for ...

(Taking a breath now and stepping down gingerly off the soapbox ... )

Anyway ... Below are the NFL teams that have allowed kick returns for TDs so far this season. Hopefully, the Birds can help pad the Lions' lead:


 Lions  2  2  4
 Texans      1  1  2
 Bills  1  0  1
 Browns  1  0  1
 Chiefs  1  0  1
 49ers  1  0  1