Lane Johnson in camp on time, eager to start at right tackle

The Eagles' Lane Johnson. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Lane Johnson officially signed his contract on Monday morning, fulfilling the promise he gave the Eagles when they drafted him that he will arrive at camp on time.

 “I think it’s very important, especially as a rookie you don’t want to miss any time to learn or learn from other player,” Johnson said. “Being out here with the guys from the start of things will be beneficial for me."

Johnson spent two weeks working out with guard Evan Mathis in Arizona, where Mathis owns an athletic performance facility. Johnson is expected to be the Eagles’ starting right tackle this season.

“I expect to compete at a high level from day one,” Johnson said. “Going into the season, I want to start and compete every day.”

Johnson weighed in at 308 pounds, which he said is within the proper range for him. He bears significant expectations as the No. 4 overall pick – the highest Eagles draft pick since Donovan McNabb in 1999 – and a projected opening day starter. Johnson said the pressure has crossed his mind, but he’s trying to avoid focusing on that aspect of his arrival.

“I can’t control everybody’s expectations,” he said. “I’ve got pretty high expectations of my own. I think if I go out there and play hard, everything will take care of itself.”

The Eagles were able to get offsetting language in Johnson’s contract, meaning if they one day cut him, Johnson’s contract with his next team is offset against the money owed by the Eagles. General manager Howie Roseman did not want to get into specifics about negotiations, but said it’s important for the team to get uniform language in all their contracts.

The point will be moot if Johnson has a long career in Philadelphia.

“Hopefully we’re talking about another contract in a couple of years,” Roseman said.