Jets owner admits interest in DeSean Jackson

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Jets owner Woody Johnson made no bones about it -- his team is interested in DeSean Jackson.

But at what price?

"We're looking at a number of players, including DeSean," Johnson said on Sunday at the NFL owners meetings. "He's a very good player. We're looking at a number of them. Trades are not our primary operating motif right now."

Jackson, of course, is currently property of the Eagles, so Johnson's answer raises some question about tampering. But the Eagles have been actively shopping the Pro Bowl wide receiver, three independent NFL sources told The Inquirer last week.

And the Jets, along with the 49ers, Patriots, Panthers, Raiders and Seahawks have reportedly expressed interest in acquiring Jackson. The Eagles would obviously want a draft pick in return, but there has been increasing speculation that they may be forced to cut him if interested teams back off on a trade and paying Jackson's $10.25 million base salary.

Jackson could agree to re-work his contract to facilitate a trade, but if he doesn't the Eagles may have no other option but to release him if they want to move on from the 27-year-old receiver.

"We're always interested in talent," Johnson said. "If it's someone that fits into our locker room, and he understands how to fit into our culture, at a price we can afford, and that is appropriate, we will do it."

Johnson was asked if the Jets had reached out to the Eagles or if they were the ones contacted.

"I don't know what the status of that is in terms of who reached out to who," Johnson said. "I haven't talked to DeSean or his agent."

The Jets signed former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick to a one-year contract on Friday. Johnson said he spoke to owner Jeffrey Lurie, who issued a statement thanking Vick for his five seasons with the Eagles, before the Jets went ahead a signed the 33-year-old quarterback.