Hobbs talks recovery and his role

In a recent interview, Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs addressed his physical condition and future with the team. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs did an interview with Scout.com's Adam Caplan in which he addresses his physical status following neck surgery that ended his season and his future with the team.

Hobbs is expected to tendered at the low-level when the Eagles announce their free agency tenders tomorrow. He would have been an unrestricted free agent, but will be a restricted free agent because of the current NFL labor situation. Regardless, it would have been difficult to see a big market for a player coming off a serious neck injury.

Hobbs said he is doing everything he would normally be doing physically as far as running and lifting, but has added more aerobics and stretching to his routine.

He said immediately after the injury, doctors told him that if he got the herniated disc repaired he would be able to return, but that if he opted to let the injury go, it would gradually worsen.

"As of right now, there is no injury anymore," he said. "Pretty much everything is bandaged up. 

"On Sunday night football against the Cowboys in November, I took a bad hit, but not too bad. I suffered a herniated disc. Dr. (Alexander) Vaccaro in Philadelphia took the disc out in December. I was in a neck collar for nearly a month and a half.

"Right now, I'm doing fine. I've been working out. I feel good and I don't have any tingling in my fingers. They compared it to a root canal. When the tooth isn't there there's nothing there any more. They replaced it with a minimal amount of bone. If anything, I just lost a little range of motion after the surgery. But it's back now."

Hobbs said he expected to return kicks and play in the secondary when the Eagles acquired him in a draft day trade last April.

"I thought I would have both roles, but they had something else in mind," he said. "But that's out of my control. It didn't work out the way I had planned, plus I got hurt. But I know in my mind I'm a starter and I know I can return kicks. I'm fortunate to have a job and get paid a good amount of money. I did the best that I could. Anytime I go out on the field."

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The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a representative of defensive end Julius Peppers met with the Chicago Bears at the scouting combine last week. Of course, since Peppers is not a free agent until Friday, this could be bordering on tampering, depending on the specifics of the conversation.

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