Hello, Plaxico?

Plaxico Burress was released by the New York Giants over the weekend. (Rob Carr/AP file photo)

Waiting for the snow to stop and the game to start in Detroit, where former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress is expected to be in attendance again tonight, as this alma mater, Michigan State, plays for the national championship.

If I see him, I’ll be sure to get an update on his plans, but it just keeps getting better for Burress, released over the weekend by New York, and still facing gun charges in relation to the nightclub incident last season during which he shot himself in the leg.

There are still small provinces of Eagles Nation who would like the Birds to take a run at signing Plax for their very own. He is a great receiver, but, like Terrell Owens before him, might be a greater pain in the ass.

It can certainly be argued that the Eagles' need a legitimate No. 1 receiver, particularly a guy who can run the fade route and lessen the chance that goal line offense situations will be as much of a fire drill as they have been recently. But do they need Plaxico Burress to fill that role.

On Monday, it is being reported that Burress cursed out a police officer during a recent Florida traffic stop after he was pulled over for speeding and reckless driving. He windows were tinted so dark, the officer had to open the door to see which lunatic wide receiver was inside. "(Bleep) you. You can't open my (bleeping) door," Burress said, apparently incorrectly as it turned out.

There was more fun in the story which you can read here. It was also the fifth time Burress has been pulled over lately by the Florida cops. They must be profiling people who break the law or something.

Anyway, Burress is still available. He's still talented. And as nearly as can be determined, he's still nuts. Still want him?