Eagles vault into first place

LeSean McCoy scored a 50-yard touchdown on a fourth-down play to give the Eagles the lead late in the fourth quarter. (Yong Kim/Staff photographer)

Too crazy to categorize.

Too wild for words.

The Eagles played a sloppy first half, leaving all kinds of points scattered in the red zone. They blew a 16-3 lead in the third quarter and were losing by 17-16 in the fourth. It was a game where Michael Vick looked human, with the New York Giants hitting him early and often. It was a game where turnovers dotted the play-by-play sheet, and where referee Ron Winter spent an inordinate amount of time beneath the hood of the replay review machine, trying to decipher a couple of really close calls.

Along the way, Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel intercepted Giants quarterback Eli Manning twice -- give him four picks against the Manning brothers this season. And in the end, the Eagles won it, 27-17. With that, the Eagles' record is now 7-3 and they hold undisputed possession of first place in the NFC East. The Giants are now 6-4.

After blowing their advantage, the Eagles retook the lead when, on a fourth-and-1 play from midfield with less than 5 mintues to go, Shady McCoy took a pitch from Vick and ran 50 yards for a touchdown.

The Giants' last real chance ended because of a Manning fumble that was controversial in its own right. If Manning had slid on the play after running for a first down, he would have been down and there would have been no problem. But because he dove, his fumble -- without being contacted by an Eagles defender -- was indeed a fumble that was recovered by the Eagles' Darryl Tapp.