Eagles among teams to check out RB Unga

BYU running back Harvey Unga worked out for NFL teams, including the Eagles, last week. (Steve C. Wilson/AP file photo)

The Eagles were one of 20 teams on hand to see BYU running back Harvey Unga work out last week.

And according to one report, they were among four teams who seemed to show the most interest in him.

Unga withdrew from school last year for an honor code violation, which reportedly was for having pre-marital sex with his fiancee, a women's BYU basketball player.

"I made a mistake. I am dealing with it, making the most of the situation I am now in," he told the Salt Lake Tribune. "I have no regrets."

Unga worked out in Provo, Utah on Thursday and measured in at 6-1, 244 ounds. He finished his college career as BYU's all-time leading rusher with 3,455 yards. In 2009, Unga piled up 1,087 yards and 11 touchdowns, averaging 5.2 yards per carry. He also caught 102 balls during his career there.

Per the Salt Lake Tribune report, scouts from the Eagles, Bucs, Saints and Seahawks seemed to show the most interest, but I wouldn't put too much stock into that. The observation is based on the fact that Unga talked to those teams after his workout and before he met with the media.

Unga bench-pressed 225 pounds 19 times and ran the 40 in the 4.64 range.

The supplemental draft will take place on Thursday. Any team that makes a pick has to forefeit a corresponding pick in April's draft. In other words, if a team uses a fourth-round pick in the supplemental draft, it forefeits that pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

I'll be honest - I wouldn't recognize Unga if he sat down next to me. But here's a scouting report from Tommy Lawlor over at Iggles Blog. And draft analyst Chris Steuber said via Twitter that Unga would be a "great fit" for the Eagles, explaining that he can move the chains and has reliable hands out of the backfield.

The way I see the Eagles' running back situation is that LeSean McCoy will be the primary back, but Mike Bell figures to play a pretty prominent role. Leonard Weaver will get some touches as well.

Beyond that, there's uncertainty. Will Eldra Buckley make the roster? And what will sixth-round pick Charles Scott show at training camp?

Plus, you have to account for injuries.

We know that Andy Reid likes his BYU guys. He joked on ESPN during the draft in April that he was going to try and pick a BYU player up before all was said and done. We'll find out Thursday just how much Reid and the Eagles like Unga.


As the guys over at Birds' Eye View point out, there's an NBC -10 report that Michael Vick has been ordered to stay in Pa. and is currently being denied traveling privileges.

And Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports is told by a high-ranking source within the Eagles organization that the option of cutting Vick is "absolutely" on the table.


If you don't care about my vacation, stop reading now.

But since so many of you checked in with things I should do/see while in Colorado/Portland, I thought I'd provide an update.

Denver is pretty nice. Easy to get around. Seems like there's plenty to do. I checked out Rockies-Padres at Coors Field Saturday night. The crowd was impressive. They were into the game and packed the place. The stadium was solid as well. Great view of the Rocky Mountains behind left field. Not as nice as the view at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, but still worth a couple Blackberry pics.

As a sidenote, I think I'm the only man in America who has tried the veggie burgers at four different MLB stadiums: Citizens Bank Park, Camden Yards, PNC Park and now Coors Field.

You know, annually, how CBP is voted the most vegetarian-friendly ballpark in the majors? I can verify that so far through my travels. Phillies officials, if you need a guy to help taste-test the vegetarian menu options in the coming years, I'm your man.

The streets of Denver were filled with strange characters once the sun went down last night, but I'll fully admit to being out of my comfort zone whenever I leave the northeast. Other than them, I've found the people friendly. Ran into a pair of Penn State grads and a Phillies fan from Glenolden yesterday.

Later today, it's off to Grand Junction. That's where I'll check in from next, assuming of course that the town of 55,000 has wireless internet.

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