Eagles rank 7th in Nielsen media exposure rankings

The Eagles play in a tough division. It's also a popular one. 

The Eagles ranked seventh in media exposure in 2009, according to rankings compiled by Nielsen. The Cowboys were first and the Giants ranked third. The Redskins were 11th, down from fifth in 2008.

The list ranks teams' exposures based on their local and national television draws, the "buzz" around each online and the number of visits to each franchise's official Web site.

The Eagles did best with their official Web site - fourth most visited in the NFL - but worst in their local TV ratings, where they finished 12th overall.

The Cowboys were tops in national TV following and in their official Web site views.

With each NFC East team in the top 11 in media exposure, it's not surprising that each is also among the most valuable franchises in sports, as compiled by Forbes earlier this year.