Monday, July 28, 2014
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Eagles fans take in Super Bowl festivities and wonder

(Michael Perez/AP)
(Michael Perez/AP)

Though predominantly packed with 12th men and Broncos leprechauns, there were multiple fanbases represented at Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday.

A man in a hoodie plastered with Green Bay Gs walked the mezzanine level. A subtle Lions fan showed what pride he could with a small patch on his jacket. Infrequently, a mad swarm of children in Cowboys jerseys would frolic by.

Naturally, with the close proximity to their nest, Eagles fans made the trip as well. Having finished the season a delightful 10-6, with a playoff berth in Chip Kelly’s first year as head coach after doubts he could even handle the NFL, things are looking up to the point that Eagles fans can’t even contain their cautious enthusiasm.

It is less resentment and more hopefulness for the people with screaming bird heads on their hats and jackets now.

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  • One such fan, Tim, gazed longfully out onto the event floor from the bleachers. “I enjoy being the closest I can get to the Super Bowl," he said. "I don’t feel it’s gonna be around here again anytime soon.”

    “It’s just neat to be around all the Super Bowl activities, and see what all the hype’s about. To not have to travel and have it local is cool too,” said Mike, another fan, as he inhaled a slice of pizza in the concourse.

    There has got to be some resentment, though, given that it technically could have been the Eagles down there on the floor being gawked at and scrutinized for hours.

    “Sure, if they could’ve got by the Saints, they would have had a game at Carolina, which would have been a winnable game,” Mike fantasized. “You look at it and there weren’t expectations going into the year but things fell into place and it could have worked out if more breaks came their way.”

    “I thought they played very well, for the changeover in personnel,” Tim said. “To get as far as they did, they went above the expectation. The next year or two, I don’t see any issue why we can’t be there.”

    It’s an odd thing, finding Eagles fans with hope. But there seems to be plenty, even as they watch Peyton Manning tag out and let Russell Wilson relieve him in the overexposure booth. It could be Nick Foles down there in the coming years.

    “It’d be nice to think that, right? But it’s not going to be such a surprise next year that they’re good,” Mike said.

    Tim nodded with vigor. “Most definitely. Most definitely. With the coaching staff they’re bring in? Absolutely.”

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