Eagles Making Best Moves?

Our buddy Matt Mosley over at ESPN.com ranks the five best off-season moves made by teams in the NFC East and thinks the Eagles made more than the other guys.

Here's his take on the brightest moves so far.

Now, all of us would have our own lists and we can quibble with someone else's, but there's no disputing that the addition of Jason Peters at left tackle and the combined drafting of offensive threats Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy make the Eagles a much more dangerous and effective offensive team heading into the 2009 schedule.

Mosley thinks the Redskins' signing of Albert Haynesworth is the best move in the division this off-season. Yes, the 'Skins needed big help on defense, but the size of the contract handed out by Daniel Snyder makes this a questionable move to me. There's no way Haynesworth can live up to it, and no way a team with as many holes to fill as Washington can conscience tying up that much money in just one guy.

Whatever, you have to like any list that properly classifies releasing Terrell Owens as a brilliant move.

(Noted NFL enthusiast Honore Daumier provided the art for this post.)

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