Eagles Stay or Go results

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick speaks to members of the media as he cleans out lockers at the team's NFL football training facility, Monday, Dec. 31, 2012, in Philadelphia. The Eagles had a season-ending 42-7 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, and head coach Andy Reid was fired Monday. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Not a lot of disparity in these numbers.

If the voters wanted somebody gone, they were gone by a lot. If they were to be spared, then they didn't even come close. Very few Eagles walked the line between staying and going this time around, which is not a total surprise after such a devastating, frustrating season.

Don't forget that, just because we're tallying up the numbers now, you can continue to vote on who you want to stay or go.



Not surprisingly, Michael Vick was deemed dispensable by 86 percent of voters. The other 14 percent agree with Vick's own ascertion that he is not only primed for a starting gig, but able to do it in Philly.

On the other side, 90 percent liked what they saw from Nick Foles and want to see him in an Eagles uniform next season. Everybody seemed to be generally unthrilled but mostly tolerant with Trent Edwards, who received 65 percent of votes to stay.

Running backs

LeSean McCoy is so crushingly desired by the general voter that we're not even going to mention the 2.2 percent of people who, for some reason, would like to see him step aside. Bryce Brown received a slightly less approving 93 percent of the vote.

Dion Lewis snuck by with a paltry 51.3 percent majority to stay. Stanley Havili did slightly better at 63 percent.


DeSean Jackson was the first high profile player to receive closer to an even split among voters, with a 56-44 lean toward his continued tenure in Eagles green. Jeremy Maclin was a far less contested receiver, being OK'd by an overwhelming 85 percent. Jason Avant was the most appreciated set of hands in the receiving corps, keeping 88.8 percent of people happy.

Brent Celek and Riley Cooper were also deemed acceptable, with 81 percent and 78 percent approval ratings, respectively. 

But less warmly received was Damaris Johnson, with a "meh" from the collective and a 63 percent vote to stay. You don't even want to know what noise they made for Marvin McNutt and his 78 percent request to please leave.

Offensive line

It was a gift if any person on the Eagles' offensive line stayed in the same position and out of the hospital from week to week in 2012. So let's make this breakdown a little easier, just given the sheer number of names that tried to protect our quarterbacks this season.

Jason Peters - 95 percent stay

Todd Herremans - 95 percent stay

Jason Kelce - 93 percent stay

Evan Mathis - 87 percent stay

Dennis Kelly - 60 percent stay

Jake Scott - 58 percent stay

Dallas Reynolds - 70 percent go

Danny Watkins - 81 percent go

Julian Vandervelde - 83 percent go

King Dunlap - 93 percent go

Demetress Bell - 95 percent go

Demetress Bell just barely edges out King Dunlap for the Demetress Bell Award.


Far less sympathy was given to the defense, if you consider what happened to the offense "sympathetic."


Nnamdi Asomugha, who seemed unable to make a play all season, was labeled by 92 percent as more trouble than he's worth. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, similarly maligned in the secondary for most of the year, was only dismissed by 61 percent.

Brandon Hughes (58 percent go) and Curtis Marsh (59 percent go) did not fare much better. Voters seem ready to forgive Brandon Boykin, however, who gained a favorable 83 percent to stay.


Things got ugly for the safeties, as it was less of a matter of "stay or go" and closer to "the speed with which they can go." Though we did learn that "speed" isn't an asset of Eagles safeties.

Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman both received 85 percent requests to leave, while David Sims was voted out by 79 percent. Colt Anderson represented the sole holdover in the voters' hearts, with 83 percent hoping he stays.


Akeem Jordan (79 percent) and Jamar Chaney (73 percent) were both let go by fans. Mychal Kendricks was overwhelmingly appreciated by 96 percent of voters.

Pretty much everybody's sick of Casey Matthews - 84 percent of everybody, anyway. However, 93 percent of the voting audience are fans of DeMeco Ryans.

Defensive line

Rookie Fletcher Cox was monstrously protected (97 percent voted for him to stay), getting a lower approval rating than only Shady McCoy. Brandon Graham would also be welcomed back after pleasing 93 percent of voters, as would fan favorite Vinny Curry with 92 percent.

Cedric Thorton (63 percent), Cullen Jenkins (56 percent) and Mike Patterson (50.3 percent) just barely edged into "stay" territory, while their co-worker Derek Landri was not as fortunate with 52 percent calling for his exit.

Darryl Tapp (73 percent) and Phillip Hunt (52 percent) were deemed disposable as well.


For a while this season, one of the team's only bright spots was kicker Alex Henery. The fans remembered and strongly advocated for his return with a 96 percent vote.

Jon Dorenbos received similarly optimistic numbers with 92 percent approval and Mat McBriar fell the closest to earth with a 56 percent vote for him to stay.


Roughly 90 percent of voters believe general manager Howie Roseman should lose his job. Owner Jeffrey Lurie was granted a more divided audience, with only 52 percent of voters saying he needs to go.

Team president Don Smolenski got the highest support of any Eagles brass, coming in with a weak 27 percent asking for him to stay.

Marty Mornhinweg and Todd Bowles continued the streak, with Bowles receiving a 12-percent vote to stay and Mornhinweg getting love from just eight percent of voters.


Most importantly, 54 percent of voters would welcome the Eagles mascot, Swoop, back with open wings.