Eagles notes: Mathis the oldest guard in the NFL, and examining DeSean Jackson's value

Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis. (Matt Slocum/AP)

On Day 26 of the Jaccpocalypse, we learned that DeSean Jackson wasn't the only Eagles Pro Bowl player on the trading block. Apparently, the Eagles gave Evan Mathis' agent (Drew Rosenhaus) permission to seek a trade back in February, per the Inquirer's Jeff McLane. The Eagles are reportedly looking for either a 3rd or 4th round pick in return. I would expect Mathis to be in the Eagles starting lineup Week 1. 

Per ProFootballFocus, Evan Mathis is the oldest guard currently on an NFL roster, at just 32 years of age. That's an incredible stat.


The great Brent Cohen of Eagles Rewind wrote a pair of DeSean Jackson posts, putting into context his value to the Eagles' offense. These are both very well done, and worth a look.

Contextualizing Mr. Jackson

More on DeSean

The "deep pass rate" vs "catch rate" in the "More on DeSean" post was particularly eye-opening for me.


By now we've all heard Chip Kelly's 'I like DeSean, but...' quote in regard to DeSean Jackson's standing on the team, but just as a reminder of what he said, Zach Berman of the Inquirer quoted Kelly's lukewarm endorsement.

The question posed to Chip Kelly was simple: "Do you want DeSean on the team?" The answer was complicated, as much has been during DeSean Jackson's murky offseason with the Eagles.

"I like DeSean," Kelly said Wednesday at the NFL's annual meetings. "DeSean did a really nice job for us. But we're always going to do what's best for the organization."

I certainly wouldn't say that I like my daughter, parents, family, dog, job, iPhone, pizza (just in general), my headphones, giraffe coffee mug, or my favorite plain gray t-shirt, 'but...' 


The Eagles reportedly had Mark Sanchez in for a physical last night. 



If/when Sanchez signs with the Eagles, your Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys fan friends are sure to send you texts and emails that say "LOL Sanchez," because of the buttfumble and whatnot. If any Cowboys fans dare to poke fun at the Eagles' likely new 3rd string QB, politely remind them that Sanchez has 3 more playoff wins than Tony Romo. (h/t @HeelPapi_)


On that same note above... Let's introduce a new 'Eagles notes' feature: 'Busting on the Rivals,' in which we, you know, bust on the other NFC East teams. They'll be short and quick. For example:

Busting on the Rivals

Since 1997 season, 187 playoffs games have occurred. The Cowboys have won 1 of them, or 0.53% of the last 187 playoff games.


Many Eagles fans are frustrated with coverage of the DeSean Jackson situation, which is understandable seeing as the information available is incomplete. It certainly doesn't help that the notion of trading (and possibly even cutting) the best WR on the team who is coming off a Pro Bowl season seems absurd. Some criticisms of the media's handling of this odd situation are warranted. Others, such as the media 'inventing a story' because there's nothing else to talk about, are ridiculous. I have a chat at noon. If you'd like to vent your frustratiuons, by all means, bring it. 

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