Eagles-Seawhawks predictions

The Eagles defensive line shouldn't have trouble getting to Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. (Ted S. Warren/AP Photo)

Here is the rundown of prediction for tonight's Eagles-Sehawks game from the Daily News:


Who knows?

And maybe more pertinent, who cares?

If the Eagles still do, they should win, but anybody with any confidence in this team’s focus and desire coming off that New England loss is an optimist indeed.

The Birds’ defensive line, the most consistent part of the operation, ought to be able to get to Tarvaris Jackson, and key on Marshawn Lynch. If Vince Young can stop underthrowing DeSean Jackson, and Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg remember they employ LeSean McCoy, the Eagles should be able to score enough points to win, if that really means anything at this point.

An Eagles loss, on the other hand, might go further toward defining the future beyond this season.

Prediction: Eagles, 20-16


Raise your hand if when the NFL schedule was released you thought this would be a matchup of 4-7 teams. OK, I see no one with a hand up. No one! What started out as a season with enormous promise for the Birds has turned into a nightmare. Right now the Eagles trail the Cowboys and the wild-card teams by three games, and with all the injuries, a fourth straight playoff appearance looks like a real longshot. Michael Vick will miss another game, Jeremy Maclin is out, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is gone, LeSean McCoy is questionable and who knows where DeSean Jackson’s mind will be tonight. Seattle ain’t exactly ripping the covers off the rest of the NFL, but the Seahawks have been a money-maker at home, covering nine of the last 15. And we’re thinking that Pete Carroll will look to pay back Vince Young for that crushing defeat in the National Championship game.

Prediction: Seahawks, 24-22


Ed Barkowitz: Eagles, 24-13

Bill Conlin: Eagles, 23-21

Paul Domowitch: Eagles, 27-17

Marcus Hayes: Eagles, 24-17

John Smallwood: Eagles, 24-17


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