Whisenhunt latest Eagles surprise


As the Eagles mark the two-week anniversary of Andy Reid's departure, they confirmed they interviewed Ken Whisenhunt, just fired by the Cardinals, on Monday, as a prelude to interviewing Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jay Gruden later in the day.

Whisenhunt, who turns 51 next month, was said to be close to getting the Cleveland job last week, but reportedly couldn't agree with the Browns on whether the front office would have veto power on his staffing decisions. He also has interviewed with the Chargers.

Some people feel the Cardinals' front office had more to do with 2012's 5-11 record than Whisenhunt, who went 45-51 overall, but took the Cards to the franchise's first Super Bowl. Whisenhunt was well-regarded as the Steelers' Super Bowl-winning offensive coordinator under Bill Cowher.

Whisenhunt gets demerits for his handling of the Cards' QB situation after Kurt Warner retired. That's a critical question for the Eagles as they try to decide whether to move forward with Nick Foles.


Is Ken Whisenhunt the answer for the Eagles?

Indianapolis offensive coordinator and former Temple coach Bruce Arians remains to be interviewed. Reports have indicated that would happen Tuesday, but the Eagles said Monday that an interview with Arians has not yet been scheduled. The team did ask for and receive permission to speak with Arians.

In the small world department, Arians was Whisenhunt's quarterbacks coach in Pittsburgh. Aside from being 60 years old, Arians seems to fit many of the criteria Eagles chairman Jeffrey Lurie cited when he fired Reid. Arians seems to be in demand with several teams interviewing him, after he went 9-3 as the Colts' interim head coach, while Chuck Pagano was being treated for cancer.

FOX's Jay Glazer reported today that the Eagles' Saturday interview with Gus Bradley went well and that the Birds want to meet again with Bradley, who like Arians and Whisenhunt, has other suitors. Lurie has seemed leery of a defensive-oriented coach, and the scoring fest of last weekend's playoff games underscores why -- it's an offensive league now. But not all the coaches who won were offensive guys, they just presided over potent offenses.

Meanwhile, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman was blasted by CBSSports.com's Jason LaCanfora. Howie seems to have made some enemies.