Eagles-Falcons Up-Down Drill

Andy Reid

We’ve reached the lowest point in Reid’s tenure. He has had worse records, but never has the coach been as close to losing his job as he is now. It’s fair to wonder if he’s lost his ability to reach his players.

Jason Babin /Trent Cole

The defensive line finally notched a sack (Two of them!), but neither came from the Eagles’ vaunted defensive ends. Babin and Cole have been among the biggest disappointments in a season of great disenchantment.

Todd Bowles

 The new defensive coordinator, asked to clean up Reid’s mess, has been put in a difficult position. But that does not excuse his defense allowing the Falcons to score on their first six possessions.

Juan Castillo

Has Castillo ever looked so good? No one is claiming that Bowles’ predecessor was an astute coordinator. But he was not the most significant of the Eagles’ problems. It is unlikely Castillo, a loyal Reid soldier, enjoyed Sunday’s carnage, though.

Mychal Kendricks

 The rookie linebacker did not start because he was late for a Friday meeting. Not that his presence would have made a difference, but the Falcons rammed the ball down the Eagles’ throats on the opening drive. Kendricks later took a costly pass interference penalty on third down.

Nnamdi Asomugha

 The cornerback followed up his best game as an Eagle with perhaps his worst. Asomugha had no excuse for not jamming Julio Jones at the line before the lightning-quick receiver toasted him for a 63-yard touchdown.

Matt Ryan

↑ On his third try, the Exton native finally won at the Linc. Ryan was the efficient quarterback the Eagles could only dream of having. He completed 22 of 29 passes for 262 yards and three touchdowns. He was ice cold.

Michael Vick

 The Eagles quarterback was not sharp by any measure, but there were bigger fish to fry after that pitiful performance. And yet, with seemingly only one desperation card left to play, Reid may feel compelled to bench Vick for Nick Foles.

Asante Samuel

 Samuel had the last laugh. His Falcons are undefeated and they embarrassed his old team. But the cornerback did very little to influence the outcome, other than miss several tackles.

Kurt Coleman

 Coleman is what he is – a seventh-round safety the Eagles have given way too much responsibility to. He bit on a play-fake on the Falcons’ first touchdown, and continues to be a liability in coverage.

Jim Washburn

 If the wide-nine, in theory, works, then who’s the blame for how ineffective the scheme has been up front this season? Washburn’s a good choice, since it’s his idea of a game-changer. The defensive line coach is all hype.

Nate Allen

 The safety’s effort on Jacquizz Rodgers’ 43-yard run in the third quarter was pathetic. Allen tried to tackle the running back high at the line, but his half-hearted attempt was ineffective.

Hurricane Sandy

 She showed up a little too late to aid the man-made disaster that was the Eagles.