Dungy: Eagles should take a look at Tebow

Tony Dungy thinks the Eagles should at least take a look at Tim Tebow. (Jack Dempsey/AP)

Tim Tebow reportedly would prefer to return to Florida as his next destination, with Jacksonville seemingly at the top of his list.

But, what about Tebow and the Eagles? Les Bowen and Rich Hofmann have both weighed in on the issue here on philly.com, with Les saying that Vick doesn't need Tebow waiting in the wings and Rich saying, why not?

Former Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy also has weighed in on Tebow and the Eagles. Dungy, of course, has been a mentor and adviser to Michael Vick.

Should the Eagles swing a trade for Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow?

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"Left-handed guy. Same offense. Mobile quarterback," Dungy told the Dan Patrick show on Tuesday. "As much as Mike (Vick) has been hurt, if you're Andy Reid, you probably have to look at it, and think about it." 

Dungy, though, also conceded that bringing Tebow in is different than other quarterbacks, because you have to build a system around Tebow's skills. You can't just plug him in.

Some have suggested that Tebow could be a fit with New England. Not Dungy.

"I don't know that Tim wants to play another position, I couldn't see it working where you're bringing this guy in as a change of pace for Tom Brady," he said.