Donovan and T.O. now buddies?

Terrell Owens, seen here with Donovan McNabb in 2004, recently said the two are friends. (Eric Mencher/Staff file photo)

Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens are buddies. At least that's what T.O. says.

Owens was interviewed by Michael Kay on the YES Network's "CenterStage" show and had this to say about his relationship with his former Eagles teammate:

“I can honestly say I appreciate those years and Donovan and I are friends and, actually we were just hanging out last night as a matter of fact,” Owens said, according to the New York Post. “So it was one of those things where — again — it started off well, it didn’t end well. Sometimes, I wish it could have ended on a positive note.”

No word on when this was taped, so it is unclear what night he is talking about.

The full interview airs again Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m., for those of you who can access the YES Network.


A day without reports about one of the Eagles quarterbacks is like a day without snowfall this winter ...

The latest comes from's Chris Steuber, who is reporting that the Rams are working on a backup plan should they not be able to acquire Michael Vick from the Eagles. By most accounts, the Rams are the favorites to land Vick, but obviously one never knows.

According to the report, the Rams are talking with Tampa Bay about a deal in which the Rams would send the No. 1 overall pick to the Bucs for quarterback Josh Johnson, the No. 3 overall pick and a third-round pick.

From the report: "A source close to the situation in St. Louis told me that if a deal with the Eagles can’t be consummated prior to the draft, they may take the Bucs third-round pick over one of their second-round picks, because they’re “very high” on third-year quarterback Josh Johnson, who they would insist being in a potential trade with Tampa Bay. Rams officials compare Johnson favorably to Vick athletically, but they feel that he has a greater upside as a passer."