McNabb interview on NFL Network

The NFL Network's Scott Hansen talked to Donovan McNabb in an interview that aired before tonight's game. Here's a quick recap of what McNabb said. Note: McNabb did not speak in the third person. I paraphrased the questions and answers. These are not direct quotes.

Q: Andy Reid has said many times that Donovan needs to go back an inch to go a mile forward. What does that mean?

A: Donovan makes a Roadrunner joke, before saying there are a bunch of ways to look at it. Donovan doesn’t look at it in a sense of sitting down to see what’s going on and a lightbulb clicks to show you how to play the game. He knows how to play the game. He looks at it like everyone else – he was benched.

Q: How is Donovan doing mentally and emotionally?

A: Donovan is fine. Is it about Donovan? It goes beyond that. When it happened [the benching], afterwards, was it the right move? That’s a question Donovan can’t answer. It’s a question someone else has to answer.

Q: How is Donovan's relationship with Andy Reid?

A: It hasn’t changed. He’s the coach. He makes the decisions. All Donovan can do is prepare himself. Anything else, you’d have to ask Andy or Jeffrey or Joe Banner to find out why and how they felt.
Q: Has Donovan talked to any of them?

A: Not right now. The conversation will be brought up but there’s no need right now.
Q: When?
A: There will be a conversation.
Q: Even Donovan would admit he hasn’t played well the past few weeks?
A: [Note: I got the exact quote to this answer]

"In the last two weeks, I haven’t, but you know what, if you look at the way I played in the weeks prior to that, I mean I’m in the top five in every statistical category so everyone goes through a down type of stretch where they’re just not playing their play, and they’re not playing at a high level, but you can pull yourself out of that and continue what you started."

Q: How close is Donovan to playing great football again?

A: Donovan says he's very close. A couple passes away from getting into rhythm. Once Donovan does, it’ll be shocking, not to him but exciting for the football team.
Q: What is his future in Philly?
A: It’s bright. We will find out. That’s the way that Donovan sees it.